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Respect Life Week

Respect Life Week 2020-2021: The Gift of Life focuses on how every human life is a gift from God. God has created each person totally unique and unrepeatable. We are each a reflection of His goodness. In the lessons below, students will learn how to reverence the gift of life in others and in themselves.

Receiving Mercy

The Beginning of Life

Respecting Others

Knowing My Value


Teachers and parents, click here for lesson plans and materials organized by grade levels.

More Lesson Plans

Check out these lesson plans from previous years’ Respect Life Week! These grade-appropriate lessons deal with more relevant topics related to the dignity of the human person. 

Year 2: Loving our Neighbors

Year 2: Life is a Gift

Year 2: Learning to Forgive

Year 2: Caring for Those in Need

Year 2: Celebrating Special Needs

Year 1: Immigration

Year 1: Life is Precious

Year 1: Every Life Matters

Year 1: Truth of Marriage

Year 1: Caring for Creation

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