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Receiving Mercy

Life is a gift but sometimes we don’t recognize the goodness of God’s plans and we choose to turn away. God is always calling us back to Himself. He invites us to receive His mercy and to extend forgiveness to others. 

Grades PK-3

PK, TK & Kinder Lesson Plan

This lesson introduces children to the concept of forgiveness and how much God loves them.

PK, TK and Kindergarten Lesson Plan Part I – October 

PK, TK and Kindergarten Lesson Plan Part II – January 


Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan

This lesson helps the children discover how God calls us to forgive one another, as He has forgiven us.

Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan Part I – October 

Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan Part II – January 




Jesus Loves Me


The Prodigal Son


Help the Prodigal Son find his way home maze

Muddy Pig Craft 

Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the importance of receiving God’s mercy and extending forgiveness to others.

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan Part I – October  

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan Part II – January 



Read: The Story of the Prodigal Son

Watch: How do I go to Confession?

Grades 7-9

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the mercy of God and His invitation to us to uphold the dignity of every person, even those who have committed crimes. Bad decisions cannot destroy the reality of the love of God. Solutions to crime and punishment must take into account the dignity of every person.

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan Part I – October  

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan Part II – January 




Ocean of Mercy

“I Confess”

The Power of Confession

“Signs of Forgiveness”


The Permanent Wounds of Mercy

The Examination of Conscience 

The Litany of Mercy 

Grades 10-12

Grades 10-12 Student Handout

How do you think about God? Is He a loving Father, ever desiring to know and love you, and just waiting for you to run back into His arms? Or a tyrant, who has imposed rules for living and is just waiting for you to slip up? Unfortunately, a lot of us live our lives as if we believe the second option, even if we know that the first option is true.

Grades 10-12 Student Handout

*Used with Permission from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles*


  • ​”There is No Shame in Being Healed”​ Chastity Project’s Crystalina Evert shares how even though  everyone carries wounds, there are no wounds that God cannot heal. 
  • “How to Make a Good Confession” Fr. Mike Schmitz gives tips on how to make a good confession. 7 minutes. 
  • “Praying in a State of Mortal Sin” Fr. Mike Schmitz explains that praying in a state of mortal sin is a sign of our response to God’s mercy, and is more than encouraged.  9 minutes.
  • “Shame vs. Guilt” Fr. Mike Schmitz explains the difference between shame and guilt. 5.5 minutes.
  • “What You Should Know About Purgatory” Fr. Mike Schmitz clarifies the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory, and connects it to God’s mercy.  7 minutes.   
  • “Signs of Forgiveness” Inspirational video about choosing to forgive because God forgave first.  2 minutes. 
  • “Ocean of Mercy”  Chris Stefanick talks about the mercy of God that is big enough to swallow any sin anyone might ever commit.  2.5 minutes.
  • Life is a Journey​ Matthew Kelly invites us to pause to consider how our journey is going and what we may need to change in order to get back on the right track.  Session 1 of the Decision Point Confirmation program. 8.5 minutes


“My Side of the Confessional” A priest’s view of confession.  Dispels myths about priests and the Sacrament of Reconciliation that may be preventing young people from going to confession.  

“Why do Catholics Believe in Indulgences?” Clarifies Catholic teaching on Indulgences and explains its roots in God’s mercy.  

“The Permanent Wounds of Mercy” Just because our wounds persist does not mean that God has not forgiven us. 

“How to Slap Shame in the Face”​ “Guilt is feeling bad about what you’ve done.  Shame is feeling bad about who you are.” Article helping those seeking forgiveness.  

Scripture and Church Teaching

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter on Mercy Teaching on mercy and how to continue the spirit of the Year of Mercy even now that it has ended.  Long, but worthwhile.  Great resource for teachers as well. 

“Now is a time of mercy” Vatican Radio’s summary of Pope Francis’ Apostolic letter.  

Prayer Opportunities

“Restored” Story of forgiveness and introduction to the Divine Mercy devotion.  Article. 

“The Divine Mercy Message” Another explanation of Divine Mercy.

“How to Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy” USCCB instructions to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

“The Divine Mercy Devotion” Fr. Michael Gaitley explains the different aspects of Divine Mercy devotion. Video.  4 minutes.  

“Divine Mercy Chaplet Explained’ Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski explains the story of St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Video.  3 minutes.  He also has a video explaining the “4 Promises”​ of the Chaplet. 4 minutes.  

Catholic Relief Services “Litany of Mercy”​ Prayer handout.  

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