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Knowing My Value

Sometimes it is easier to recognize the goodness and value of other people. It can be difficult to believe that we are good and worthy of respect. Students will learn that taking care of ourselves is part of the call to holiness. God has created us body and soul to praise him through both.

Grades PK-3

PK, TK & Kinder Lesson Plan

Students will learn that taking care of ourselves is part of the call to holiness. God has created us as body and soul to praise Him through both.

Grades PK-K Monday Knowing My Value Lesson Plan 

This lesson reinforces the themes of promoting personal health, understanding emotions, and recognizing God’s personal plan for each person.

Grades 1-3 Monday Knowing My Value Lesson Plan 


He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

God is Good All the Time

When God Made You

Healthy Habits for Life Activities

One in 7 Billion





Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about making good decisions that respect our inalienable dignity and that of others.

Grades 4-6 Monday Knowing My Value Lesson Plan


One in 7 Billion

What Are You Doing?

Making Tough Choices

Grades 7-9

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about depression, addiction and suicide as life issues, from the perspective of faith. They will explore the understanding that God has a plan for each person, and that our responsibility is to respond with respect for ourselves.

Lesson I –  Made in the Image of God
Lesson II  – The Unconditional Love of God
Lesson III – The Four Levels of Happiness
Lesson IV – The Comparison Game

Resources: information on Teen Depression and Suicide. Valuable resource for parents and educators to understand symptoms and warning signs and know how to help.

ADAPP Suicide Prevention. A video training series to help parents and educators prevent suicide among youth.

New York State Office of Mental Health offers information on suicide prevention, including trainings, workshops, and learning modules.

The Samaritans NYC offer non-faith-based information on suicide: suicide prevention hotlines and also for “suicide survivors,” those who are left behind to sort through “what happened.”

Solace House Suicide Prevention Center (two NY locations: Long Island City, Queens; and Yonkers), to prevent suicide and also for suicide bereavement. (718) 482-0001

Suicide can be a challenging topic for everyone, but please remember that help is always available (24/7) for anyone suffering from depression or having thoughts of suicide. For confidential guidance for your child, or anyone:

Call, text, or chat 9-8-8

Similar to 911, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a national hotline that connects a caller in a mental health crisis to a trained counselor who can address their immediate needs (and even help connect them to ongoing care if they desire).

Grades 10-12

Grades 10-12 Student Handout

Knowing that God has a plan for each one of us, and knowing that he created each of us exactly the way he wants
us to be, is easier said than done. We are daily barraged by factors wanting us to be smarter, thinner, better looking,
more athletic. There might even be people in our lives who tell us that we are not good enough. Many teens struggle with depression, anxiety and are even tempted to suicide. How can we come to believe our value in God’s eyes?

Lesson I – Believing that My Life is a Gift
Lesson II – Finding True Happiness

*Used with Permission from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles*

If you or a loved one are considering suicide:

You are loved, wanted, and not alone. In an emergency, dial 911. If you need to speak to someone about suicide prevention, call 1-800-273-8255, or text GOT5 to 741741, or click here for 24/7 free, confidential help.



  • “The Meaning of Suffering”​ Fr. Mike Schmitz shares the wisdom of the saints and martyrs in regards to suffering.  6 minutes.  
  • “Racing for Recovery” Todd Crandell shares his story of overcoming addiction by training for Ironman competitions.  4 minutes.  
  • Francesca’s Story of Overcoming Suicide The love of Jesus and the power of the confessional overcomes the horrible reality of suicide. Hear Francesca share from Ireland her experience of planning, plotting, and eventually confessing her suicide at age 15.  6.5 minutes.  
  •    Pastoral and Catechetical



  • Yaritza and Marcos share stories of growing up in LA and getting involved with drugs.  Their lives were changed when they met Prevencion y Rescate who brought them to retreats and introduced them to the healing mercy of God.



The Victory App LifeTeen-created app to help win the fight with pornography.  Features prayer requests, calendar tracker, daily check-in, journal, and is password protected.  Victory book of daily inspiration can be purchased in-app for $1.99.  

NDA website for teens with facts on common drugs.​

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ offers a hotline and online guidance for anyone suffering from depression or having thoughts of suicide. 

Scripture and Church Teaching

Scripture Story of Overcoming Suicide from the book of Tobit.  

Prayer Opportunities

Prayer of Intercession for Those Contemplating Suicide​

For Parents and Teachers

​FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS: information on Teen Depression and Suicide.  Good resource for parents and educators to understand symptoms and warning signs and know how to help.  

FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS: “Ministering to People Who Suffer”​ Interview with Catholic psychologist Dr. Greg Bottaro.  Discusses how to appropriately distinguish the need for professional or spiritual help, how to integrate the two, and meet a person’s needs.  Very insightful.  

FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS: “The Heartbreaking Rise of Suicide Among Young People” Helpful information on reasons for increases in suicide.  

Find service opportunities here!