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Grades 4-6

Below you’ll find the lesson plan or handout for each topic. Additional resources for each topic can be found under the Topics section by grade level.

Topic: Receiving Mercy
Life is a gift but sometimes we don’t recognize the goodness of God’s plans and we choose to turn away. God is always calling us back to Himself. He invites us to receive His mercy and to extend forgiveness to others. 
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Respecting Others
Every person possesses inherent dignity. This means that persons can never be treated as objects to be used but must be respected as bearing the image of God. In this lesson, students will unpack what it means to respect others. 
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Copy-of-Copy-of-Copy-of-Copy-of-Copy-of-Copy-of-Maggie-Vertical-Flyer-1-1024x679.pngTopic: Knowing My Value
Sometimes it is easier to recognize the goodness and value of other people. It can be difficult to believe that we are good and worthy of respect. Students will learn that taking care of ourselves is part of the call to holiness. God has created us body and soul to praise him through both.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Adoption
Every child deserves a home and a family. In this lesson. students will learn about the loving choice of adoption and explore stories of people who have been adopted. Students will develop a deeper understanding of what adoption and foster care are and why, as Christians, we take very seriously the responsibility for every child born into the world.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Loving our Neighbor (Overcoming Polarization)
Goal: Learning the Power of Small Acts
In the midst of chaos and negativity in our world, little ones’ small actions can get lost. This lesson will help them realize the big impact small acts of love and kindness can make to create a better world for everyone.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Life is a Gift (Abortion)
Putting the Needs of other First.
Lesson 1:  introducing students to the concepts of generosity and selflessness. 
Lesson 2: introducing students to the concept of conscience and doing the right thing.
Lesson 3
Topic: Learning to Forgive (Restorative Justice/Death Penalty)
Goal: Forgiving Those Who Hurt Me.
Students will learn about the importance of offering forgiveness to their neighbors. They will learn of God’s forgiveness to each of them, and will have reinforced the understanding that just because someone does something wrong does not make them a bad person.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Caring for those in Need (Poverty)
Goal: Learning to share.
Students will learn why caring for the poor is at the center of Jesus’ life and mission. They will learn the importance of sharing with those in need.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Celebrating Special Needs
Goal: Recognizing Goodness in Others.
The children will learn about the unique beauty and goodness of each person regardless of appearance or ability. They will learn to celebrate differences.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Every Life Matters (Physician Assisted Suicide)
Goal: Treating the Sick and Elderly with Dignity.
Students will explore the concepts of illness and dying through the lens of the dignity of every person at every stage. Through stories and activities, students will realize that the elderly and the sick have love to give and need to receive love.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Marriage
Goal: Why Marriage and Families Matter
To introduce children to the concept and understanding of marriage as a sacramental bond between a man and a woman that is lasting, loving and fruitful, and that marriage is the basis of the family.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Immigration
Goal: Loving Our Neighbor.
To introduce children to the concept of loving our neighbor, even when we might not know him or her, and building a community on Gospel principles.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Caring for Creation (The Environment)
Goal: Appreciating God’s Gift to Our World
To introduce children to the concept that God has given us a beautiful gift in the creation of the entire world around us. Students will explore creation and see how caring for it is a prayer of thanksgiving to God.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf
Topic: Loneliness
Goal: How We Can Be Good Friends
Loneliness is an epidemic in our culture that is having disastrous effects on young and old alike. In this lesson, students will learn that God loves every person and wants us to be kind to everyone.
Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan.pdf

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