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Caring for Those in Need

Pope Francis has called us to go out with the joy of the Gospel, to encounter people where they are. Like Mother Teresa, we are called to serve the poor by looking people in the eye, respecting their dignity, and engaging in works of mercy.

Life is a Gift
Life is Precious

 It takes far more to build a culture that welcomes and respects every human life than just talking about it or creating laws. To truly create a world where every person is loved, each individual has to do his or her share to spread kindness, mercy and an authentic understanding of being part of the human family. Only then will abortion and other attacks on human life end.
Learning to Forgive 

Students will learn about the mercy of God and His invitation to us to uphold the dignity of every person, even those who have committed crimes. Bad decisions cannot destroy the reality of the love of God. Solutions to crime and punishment must take into account the dignity of every person.
Celebrating Special Needs

God makes each person special—a unique creation whom He planned from the beginning of time. In our world, it is so important that we learn to respect the dignity of every human person, no matter our differences. Unfortunately, people with disabilities experience a great amount of discrimination, including bullying. People with disabilities deserve the same love and support as everyone else. God has a special plan for every single person, no matter what our abilities.
Caring for those in Need

The international movement to legalize assisted suicide teaches that some lives are worth living while others have no value. As Christians, we embrace interdependence and understand that suffering is a necessary, if difficult, part of life. When we help others in need, we are practicing works of mercy. When we ask for help and allow others to care for us, we are providing the opportunity for others to offer mercy to us.

 By teaching the truth of marriage—a loving, permanent commitment between a man and a woman to each other and any children they may have—we allow students to realize that God did intend something special for us; that we are made for and capable of lasting, authentic love; and that even if our own human realities fall far from this ideal, they can still aspire to it as adults.​

Solidarity invites us to see immigrants through the lens of our common dignity as members of the human community. We are challenged to overcome the often volatile rhetoric of political parties and media frenzies to look at what our faith tells us about the situation. When we come to understand what motivates people to leave behind their homelands and their heritage to come to the United States, we learn that they are looking for the same things we are: peace, security, opportunity, education, and stability.
Caring for Creation

Pope Francis issued the encyclical Laudato si, the first written specifically on the environment.
Students will understand the connection between honoring the dignity of each person,
serving the poor and vulnerable, and protecting our environment.

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