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Lay Ecclesial Movements

The Council of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities of the Archdiocese of New York

Pope John Paul II convened the “First World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities” during Pentecost 1998 in St. Peter’s Square to celebrate their unity in the Holy Spirit. In his address he said, “Ecclesial movements…represent one of the most significant fruits of that springtime in the Church which was foretold by the Second Vatican Council…Their presence is encouraging because it shows that this springtime is advancing and revealing the freshness of the Christian experience based on personal encounter with Christ.”

A year later, the newly formed NY Archdiocesan Council of Lay Ecclesial Movements and New Communities sowed the seeds for its “One Spirit at Work” inaugural, general membership assembly at Pentecost Jubilee Year 2000. Since then, our Council’s basic purpose has been to promote membership among our various Ecclesial Communities, in order to care more effectively for the pastoral and spiritual needs of our Archdiocese. Ecclesial Communities enable Catholics to answer their Baptismal call of Christ’s evangelical mission.

Most recently in May 2016, the Vatican re-confirmed the “co-essential” nature of the Ecclesial Movements’ spiritual charisms with the hierarchical, sacramental life of the Church. In its letter to the bishops, “Iuvenescit Ecclesia”, the Vatican recognized the Holy Spirit’s presence in the Movements’ “gifts of indispensable importance for the life and mission of the Church…making present the mystery and salvific work of Christ in the world.”

Still faithfully inspired as “One Spirit at Work,” our current Council encourages our ecclesial, community members to serve in unity as an instrument of holiness by promoting the Gospel in society; by confessing and living out our Catholic faith in full Communion with the Church; and by recognizing and respecting each others’ spiritual gifts with mutual charity, joy, and peace. As such, our Ecclesial Movements and New Communities are vital in carrying out today’s new evangelization in the Spirit of Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel.”


If your group is interested in joining Lay Ecclesial Movements and New Communities, please feel free to send an e-mail to: Father Brian McWeeney