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The Beginning of Life

Each and every person is created by God out of love, from the very first, tiny moment of their lives before they are born. This lesson explores the wonder and beauty of life from its very beginnings and how we are called to welcome and cherish this gift.

Grades PK-3

PK, TK & Kinder Lesson Plan

This lesson introduces children to the concept of personhood and the unique gift of each human life
created intentionally by God.

Grades PK, TK and Kindergarten Lesson Plan Part I – October

Grades PK, TK and Kindergarten Lesson Plan Part II – January  


Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan

This lesson helps the children to learn about what life is like right at the very beginning – before a baby is born – and how important it is to take care of every person.

Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan Part I – October  

Grades 1-3 Lesson Plan Part II – January 



“This Little Light of Mine”

Horton Hears a Who video or audio-drama.

Horton Hears a Who classroom resources

Self-Portrait Printable

Katia’s Surprise




Grades 4-6

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan

Students will be introduced to the idea of respect for all life beginning at the moment of conception and why it is so important to support women who are expecting children.

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan Part I – October

Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan Part II – January 



The Valuing Life Tool Kit 

“Celebrate Life”

Photos of Babies in the Womb

Grades 7-9

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the difficult choices facing a woman in an unintended pregnancy and how the effects of her choice change her and the entire world.

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plans Part I – October

Grades 7-9 Lesson Plans Part II – January 



“The Beauty of One Soul”

Sr. Bethany Madonna speaks at the March for Life

Abortion Survivor Story

“Hannah’s Story”

Grades 10-12

Grades 10-12 Student Handout

In many instances, especially for teens and young women, abortion is seen as a fast and easy way to erase the pregnancy and get on with life. The uncomfortable truth is that this is never the case, and often abortion has devastating, life-changing consequences. How can we share the message of God’s healing mercy with those who are suffering after abortion?

Grades 10-12 Lesson Plan

*Used with Permission from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles*


  • “The Story of Jessica and Meghan” Heartwarming story of one college girl who helped a friend through a pregnancy.  Students for Life of America.  6.5 minutes.  
  • “Abortion Survivor Meets Her Mother”  Woman who survived a saline abortion shares her own story of healing and how she eventually met her birth mother.  EWTN Pro-Life Weekly.  4.5 minutes. 
  • Debby’s Story of how God’s forgiveness was waiting for her while she suffered guilt from her abortion, she just had to reach out and accept it.  3 minutes.  
  • Lovette’s Story of having two abortions but eventually finding healing in God and her family.  4.5 minutes.  
  • Abby Johnson’s Story​ A former Planned Parenthood clinic director shares her story of her own abortion and the healing she has had since. 2.75 minutes.  
  • What “Choice” Actually Does​ Abby Johnson’s story of the day she watched an abortion on the ultrasound and finally realized what was actually taking place.  Non-graphic but compelling testimony.​ 5.5 minutes.  
  • Imaging Life if I Had Chosen Abortion​ Darby’s story of becoming a 16 year old mom who reflects on what life would be like now had she chosen abortion instead.  Positive and powerful. LifeNews. 3 minutes.

     Short Films

     Other Videos


  • “Father of Grace” One father’s story of post-abortion healing and advice for others to heal. LifeTeen.
  • “Three Amazing Stories of Post-Abortion Healing” Brief article shares stories of post-abortion healing from attendees of the Church’s post-abortion healing retreat program, Rachel’s Vineyard.  National Catholic Register.  
  • “Pro-Life Leaders Who Used to be Pro-Abortion” Inspiring article shares how former pro-abortion advocates experienced conversion and are now passionate, effective pro-life leaders.  National Catholic Register.  
  • “From Planned Parenthood to Catholicism” A woman shares her experiences working at Planned Parenthood and how an introduction to the Catholic faith brought about her conversion.  National Catholic Register.    
  • “I Know Because I Had an Abortion”​ Star Tucker shares her story of keeping her abortion a secret and then finally experiencing healing.  Made in His Image Blog.
  • “I’m that girl who chose life”  Article by Raquel Kato about choosing life and practical suggestions for ways people can help other women choose life and affirm their choice once they do.  Focus.  
  • My Abortion​  Downloadable article from New York Magazine offering the abortion stories of 26 women, in their own words.  Powerful resource for a mature group of students.  Does not reflect Catholic teaching on life issues, but can be an excellent basis for a debate or guided discussion.  

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