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Parish Life

For more information about the Pray for Dobbs Campaign click here.

Suggested Prayers

Mass for Families

In the United States, the Roman Missal, Third Edition gives the option to celebrate a  Mass for Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of Human Life. It is intended for occasions of celebrating and giving thanks for the gift of human life.

January 22 is known in the U.S. as the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. There are two options for Masses on this day:  the Mass for Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of Human Life, or the Mass for the Preservation of Peace and Justice. (Moved to Jan 23, if Jan 22 falls on a Sunday)

Options for Mass readings can be found here

Eucharistic Adoration

Monthly or weekly Holy Hours for Life, suggested prayers.
Holy Hour for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty, suggested prayers
Holy Hour for Reparation and Healing, suggested prayers
Holy Hour for Life: Based upon Reflections of St. Pope John Paul II, click here
Holy Hour for Divine Mercy Sunday, suggested prayers.

Parish Missions 

Host a parish mission during Lent, Advent, or Respect Life Month (October).
Coordinate with other parish groups on a parish mission series. 
Suggested topics
Forgiveness/Mercy (one night have a post-abortion testimony), Prayer, The beatitudes (Called to Serve), the Gospel of Life, Discipleship, Evangelization, Beauty.
For potential speakers, click here

Rosary for Life

 Rosary for Life prayed before Mass or as part of a Holy Hour for Life.
Rosary Meditations can be found here or use our Remembrance Rosary booklet.

Mass Intercessions 

In Thanksgiving for the Gift of Life

For our parish community: may each of us be given a renewed sense of wonder at the gift of our own lives, and find words to praise God the Father for this gift.
For all Christians: may our hearts be set aflame with love for the Lord of life, and embrace more fully the gift of life that we have been given.

For all Christians: may we hear today God’s call to each of us to be His beloved disciples, chosen and sent to bring His message of love and mercy to an aching world.  

For Those Tempted to Abortion

For all pregnant women tempted to abortion: may they receive the support and encouragement they need to embrace the precious gift of their motherhood.
For all women who are unexpectedly pregnant: may they be surrounded by loving community as they seek to welcome and support the new life of their child.
For all pregnant mothers who are alone and afraid: may they know that Jesus is with them and for them, through the accompaniment of friends and family.   
For all pregnant mothers who are alone and afraid: may they feel the accompaniment of the Blessed Mother and be strengthened in their motherhood by her tender care.
For new and expecting mothers and fathers: may they rejoice in the gift of their child and welcome them into their family with open hearts.

For all couples faced with an unexpected pregnancy: may they see the hand of God in their life, guiding and providing all that they need to welcome their child as a special gift from Him.

For our parish community: that we will offer our hearts, minds, and hands to God to be his instruments in welcoming and supporting all expectant parents who find themselves alone or afraid.

For Those Suffering After Abortion

For all those who have suffered an abortion: may they receive abundant healing and peace, and come to a new awareness of their own goodness in our merciful Father’s eyes. 
For those who have lost a child or children through abortion: may they hear Jesus’ invitation to “Be not afraid” and approach Him with hope and trust in His mercy.
For men and women who are suffering the effects of a past abortion: may they find hope and peace in the abundant mercy of our Risen Savior.
For abortion healing ministries: that through their love, our merciful Lord will heal aching hearts with forgiveness and peace.

For Marriages & Families

For married couples: may they experience deeper unity in their marriage, and a mutual desire to receive all God’s blessings of life and holiness for them.
For married couples struggling with infertility: may Jesus draw close to them in this time, and give them the grace to trust in His loving plan for their marriage.  

For Fathers: that they will be strengthened in their vocation to protect, guide, and love their wives and children.  

For mothers: may they know the beauty of their maternal love, and be refreshed this day in faith, hope, and love.

For Those with Special Needs

For parents who have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis: may they be sustained by the personal love of Jesus, who lifts every burden from our hearts.

For all those with special health needs: may Jesus be their constant companion and friend as they bring Him glory through their lives.