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For assistance in locating historical sacramental records, please review the Genealogy Research Policy and submit your search request in the Request Portal below. If you need a certified copy of a record, please review the instructions found in the Genealogy Research Policy and complete the appropriate record request form. At this time, cemetery and other death records are still maintained by the individual parish or cemetery.

Please note that requests submitted below are fulfilled by a limited number of staff, and are answered in the order in which they are received. Please do not submit the same request more than once.

Sacramental Record Request Portal

Only records dated 1930 and older are available through this request portal. For more recent records, please contact the parish directly.

Please include the name of only one child or couple in the form. For more than one name, please complete multiple requests.

Genealogy Research Policy

Sacramental records are not public records. However, the Archdiocese of New York recognizes that sacramental records have value to family historians and has created the following policy with regard to the release of these records for genealogical research. The policy is designed to protect the privacy of those individuals named in the records.

  1. For privacy and security reasons, all sacraments recorded before 1930 are available for genealogy research, except in cases where particular records are restricted by canon law.
  2. If the sacramental record you are looking for is located, you will receive a digital copy of the register entry. If you need a certified copy of the record for dual-citizenship applications or other purposes, please complete the appropriate request form below. Note: We do not perform searches with the certified copy request. If you are submitting a request for a certified copy, you must know where and when the sacrament occurred.
  3. There is a non-refundable fee of $25 for certified copies of sacramental records. Cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders (made out to the Archdiocese of New York) are acceptable forms of payment. If you require the record to be notarized, there is an additional $10 fee. Requests for non-certified copies can continue to be submitted through the online form above.
  4. To protect confidentiality, all genealogical research is done by Archives and Records Management staff. We cannot accommodate on-site researchers.
  5. We cannot release any information about a sacramental record including the fact of its existence, until after the restriction period has passed. Individuals who received a sacrament can always request a copy of their own sacramental records.
  6. We will not respond to general search requests such as, “everything you have on the Smith family from 1850-1920.” Please be specific and complete as much information on the request form as possible.


The Archdiocese of New York does not hold sacramental records for any parish or mission currently located outside of its boundaries. Although a number of dioceses were once under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of New York, all sacramental registers remained with the parishes in their new diocese. All genealogy requests for should be made directly to the parish or diocese, regardless of the date of the sacrament.

The Archives does not have any records relating to annulments. All records of annulments are held by the Marriage Tribunal. Records of the Marriage Tribunal are not available for genealogical investigation under any circumstances.

Many dual-citizenship applications will require that an apostille or public notary signature be attached to the sacramental record. Please note that the Archives can provide certified copies of the record, but cannot provide advice as to what foreign governments will accept, or what U.S. state governments require as a part of their apostille process. You can find information on New York State’s apostille request process here, or inquire directly with a notary public.

Certified Record Request Forms

Please use the forms above only to submit certified record requests for which you have all of the requested information. If you need a general search, please complete the form at the top of the page.