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FORMED is a wonderful resource for the people of the Archdiocese of New York!

FORMED is a Netflix-like Video On Demand and digital content service that features audio, video, ebooks and feature-length films from some of the world’s most credible Catholic sources, such as the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press.

FORMED is free with your parish subscription.


Lectio: Eucharist with Dr. Brant Pitre

Acclaimed author and teacher Dr. Brant Pitre digs down to the biblical roots of the Eucharist, through its foreshadowing in the miraculous events of the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Apostolic teaching.

“Every Catholic should be taking this course! If only 1/4 take this, I think we could fill the pews? What do you think? I attend daily Mass and this just opens my eyes that I’ve been missing all my life!” George Alexa

“This is such a great course. Confirmation classes would benefit so much from just watching the videos and even more so from participating in the workbooks. Cannot stress how great this course is. Brant Pitre does an excellent job of tying the Eucharistic typology of the Old Testament to the New Testament”. Sean McIntire


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The Eucharist by Dr. Scott Hahn

Covering the Biblical evidence for the authority of the Pope, the doctrine of Purgatory, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, the Sacrament of Confession, the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, and more, the remarkable set is an essential resource for answering the various objections that Protestants makes to the Catholic Faith.

“I needed this so badly. I was struggling to think right about the Eucharist. I was struggling with doubting the Presence and reality. This helped me so much.” Caroline Scholl

“Wow…this is SO powerful! I wish more would listen to this detailed explanation….it is so rich!” Carol Cox

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Bread of Life: The Eucharist in Galilee

Christ’s teaching about the Eucharist was not reserved solely for the Last Supper. Rather, this profound mystery is the crescendo of Jesus’ entire ministry: all his work in Galilee prepared for and pointed to the Eucharist. Join Dr. Tim Gray in Bread of Life: The Eucharist in Galilee for an exciting five-part series about Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist.

“I watched all videos and they are awesome!!! (…) The scenic views were very good and clear!…” Monica Price

“I prayed God would increase my faith in the real presence beyond just intellectual and he sent me this podcast!!” Pat


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Current Topics:
Into Life: Love Changes Everything

Pro-life isn’t about labels. Pro-life is about people. So much of the conversation about abortion is dominated by misconceptions and political rhetoric. But what if we could take a step back and think about pro-life in a different way? This program invites participants into a new vision of pro-life ministry, one grounded not in slogans, but in authentic relationships, genuine dialogue, and intentional accompaniment. Rooted in the wisdom of the Sisters of Life, this series introduces participants to new ideas for building a culture of life and solidarity, offers the opportunity for prayer and reflection, and develops and refines skills for accompanying women through an unexpected pregnancy.

“I learned so much from the witness of these sisters & my heart has opened in new ways as a result. I plan to use them on a regular basis as training videos in how to respond in radical solidarity to everyone who I encounter.” Susan Stevens

“What a marvelous series, which I plan to share within our community in order to help us respond in Godly ways to those who find themselves in perplexing circumstances.” Margaret

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Gender Theory vs. TRUTH | Chris Stefanick Show

How many genders are there? Depends on who you ask. According to Facebook, there are over 50. Tumblr lists over 500! Gender dysphoria has gotten out of control. And it’s everywhere, from grade schools to pro sports. But what do you actually do when someone demands to be called by a different gender? Be nice and affirm them, or just refuse to accept it? There’s a third option:the Catholic way. My friend Jason Evert is here to tell us about it.

“TY for tactically a very sensitive topic. I learned a great deal!” Pam C

“I am so happy that you gave us good information, truthful information on this very difficult subject. I have always thought that there are very few people who actually struggle with this problem, but that it has shifted to a cultural issue. Thank you for the truth! Thank you for giving us ways to love someone who is struggling with this problem without buying into the lies. You are courageous and your work is very important! God bless you in this work!!!” Susan Connelly

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The Sanctuary Course for Catholics

One in four people will be affected by a mental health problem at some point in their lives, yet the stigma surrounding mental illness silences many and prevents faith communities from responding compassionately and effectively. This eight-session course—designed for use in small groups—explores the realities of mental health and illness, as well as the vital need for faith-based community conversations about these topics. The sessions are accompanied by compelling films that feature the stories of Catholics living with mental health challenges, along with the insights of archbishops, theologians, and psychologists. The course also includes a Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, and additional educational and spiritual resources.

“This is beautiful and much needed now more than ever…Thank you” Shameen Solomon

“I love you, God loves you, and we’re gonna walk through this together.” Powerful. So beautiful. What a great response and way to live what we are here for – to be merciful and reflect the kindness and love of God” Therese Upchurch

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Family Life:
Marriage: God’s Design for Life and Love

This powerful film presents the enduring Catholic vision and understanding of marriage and the natural law, including the beauty and meaning of human sexuality, family, and the gift of children. This film also addresses the challenges in marriage and family life that we face in our world today.

“An amazing and beautiful way of defining marriage, sexuality, children and importance of family” Swapna Muricken

“Excellent! Every school should show this when they teach about marriage and sex education.” Clara Palmer

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The Catholic Parent

Do you ever feel like it’s almost impossible to raise holy kids who love God (and sit still in Mass!) in our modern world? You’re not alone. This six-episode series features real Catholic families like yours sharing their daily struggles and victories. Created by the Augustine Institute and Catholic Sprouts, The Catholic Parent aims to encourage you as a mom or dad as you embrace your God-given role to form your family in the richness of the Catholic faith.

“Great series, I just kept them playing and didn’t want them to stop! Very well put together, gleaned something from each video that hadn’t thought of before.” Kristen Kuntz

“Excellent series! Telling the joys and challenges like it is, no masking over or making things look unrealistically good. This truth is what’s inspiring and encouraging – that God understands and is there along side every struggling parent giving him/her the strength needed to keep going.” JN Chu


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Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan on an exciting journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Learn God’s big story through each episode featuring beloved Bible moments, curious questions, and a whole lot of fun!

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New on FORMED:

A new Series with the goal of lighting that first fire in those who don’t yet know the faith or reigniting the fire in those who need a primer on the foundational questions.

Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist

A production of the Augustine Institute on FORMED

The Eucharist doesn’t just have a Catholic identity. It has a biblical identity.  We encourage all Catholics to watch Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist* to learn about the origins of the Eucharist in Sacred Scripture and to understand more deeply why It is the “source and summit” of our Faith. 

To watch Presence on FORMED, email us at [email protected]