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Career Opportunities

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To College Students:
Opportunities for internship cover several departments and are for both year-round and seasonal roles.  College students seeking internship opportunities throughout the Central Services Offices of the Archdiocese of New York can send a cover letter and resume to

To Interested Candidates: 

Catholic Center

Director – Donor Database Center

Archdiocese of New York
Donor Database Center
Director (Level V)
August 2020



Reporting to the Executive Director of Data Systems, the Director is the primary guardian of the integrity of and the ongoing accuracy of the Donor Database.  The incumbent understands the entire department’s responsibilities granularly, and can impart knowledge to all levels of staff, but also strategically directs the department in its completion of short and long-term projects/goals.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Manage the Donor Database staff to ensure all departmental duties/projects are completed accurately and on a timely basis.
  • Manage multiple high level donor projects simultaneously.
  • Exhibit advanced knowledge of Raiser’s Edge, specifically Versions 7.
  • Define and create global policies and procedures to improve departmental data processes in order to achieve the most efficient use of data and analysis for fundraising purposes.
  • In concert with the Data Systems Department, on an ongoing basis, evaluate existing controls that secure the Raiser’s Edge database, and make recommendations to further strengthen/refine these controls.
  • Identify and implement new training modules to ensure that all fundraising staff is utilizing Raiser’s Edge to its fullest capacity.
  • Design, develop and produce complex donor database reports that will assist in Archdiocesan fundraising activities.
  • Monitor solicitation and acknowledgement letters processes that are based on specifications provided by the user departments.
  • Ensure integrity of data within the Raiser’s Edge database that supports the all development activities within the Archdiocese of New York.
  • Address and resolve all donor related matters/problems that are referred by the Development Offices.


Education, Experience, and Skills

  • S. or B.A. degree required; advanced degree in Business or Information Systems preferred;
  • Proven expertise using the Raiser’s Edge fundraising system, RE NXT
  • Proven leadership and project management skills, managing a team of 10-15 staff
  • Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, Microsoft Access
  • Ability to create complex queries and reports in Raiser’s Edge NXT
  • Assertive but diplomatic, with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Advanced oral, written and presentation communications skills
  • Ability to train and impart donor database concepts/knowledge to staff to strengthen their individual technical/professional capabilities.
  • Ability to ensure that all projects are completed in advance of deadlines
  • Complex problem resolution skills

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:

Development Associate, Donor Relations – Development Office

Development Office
Development Associate, Donor Relations


Mission Statement:  In service to God, the Development Office of the Archdiocese of New York seeks to build a culture of generosity inspired by our Lord’s own model of self-gift.

Through fundraising and stewardship, the Development Office cultivates long-lasting relationships with priests, parishioners, and lay leaders to ensure the financial stability of our Church in New York and to bear witness to Christ’s eternal message of charity.


Primary Responsibility:  Providing support to the Director of Donor Relations with the daily operations of the Donor Relations division, and the management of the various Donor Relations/Team projects

Direct Supervisor:  Director of Donor Relations


  • Create and maintain development templates, and prepare correspondence, reports, presentations, or other information for distribution
  • Assist in scheduling donor meetings and provides logistical support as directed, and in collaboration with the Executive Director’s Administrative Assistant
  • Assist in top donor/signature special events logistics and overall event execution
  • Process gifts in conjunction with division’s campaigns, guidelines, and procedures; liaise with Donor Database Center for prompt entry of gifts, pledges, and report requests
  • Prepare invoices for outstanding pledges, tax receipt letters, acknowledgement letters, and general follow-up
  • Assist in the coordination of campaign activities and mailings to support functions across the Development Office
  • Special projects as needed

Standards of Performance:

  • Represent the Archdiocese in a professional and positive manner
  • Ensure that all acknowledgements are processed in a 48-hour timeframe
  • Prepare precise, well-written, and articulate correspondence
  • Support the Director of Donor Relations and Executive Director with high standard administrative work for excellent top donor management

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum 1-2 years development operations or event management experience
  • Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple priorities
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Detailed and priority-oriented
  • Self-motivated team player
  • Exceptional computer skills MS Word/Excel/Access/Power Point); Proficient in Raiser’s Edge
  • A passion for the Catholic Church and a deep understanding of Catholic culture

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:


Campaign Manager – Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal

Development Office
Campaign Manager, Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal


Mission Statement:  In service to God, the Development Office of the Archdiocese of New York seeks to build a culture of generosity inspired by our Lord’s own model of self-gift.

Through fundraising and stewardship, the Development Office cultivates long-lasting relationships with priests, parishioners, and lay leaders to ensure the financial stability of our Church in New York and to bear witness to Christ’s eternal message of charity.

Primary Responsibility: The Campaign Manager oversees a portfolio of parishes running the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal (CASA), parish-based capital campaigns, and/or increased offertory campaigns. The campaign manager is responsible for helping pastors to meet their fundraising goals, which can range up to $2 million for the Appeal and increased offertory campaigns, and up to $6 million for capital campaigns.

Direct Supervisor: Associate Director – Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal


  • Help provide financial strength and stability to the Archdiocese of New York and its parishes by assisting in raising funds for necessary capital projects, operational expenses, and debt reduction, or by enhancing reserves for future needs
  • Meet regularly with pastors across the archdiocese to design a tailored approach in order to help the parish reach its fundraising goals
  • Develop and implement strategies for increasing participation in assigned parishes
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and report on individual parish progress
  • Draft and prepare tailored correspondence for individual parishes
  • Assist parishes in coordinating virtual tools such as websites, online giving, livestream, and social media as needed
  • Analyze prospects with the capacity for greater giving
  • Collaborate with Major Gifts Manager to upgrade prospects for greater capacity
  • Engage in pledge redemption activities as needed
  • The Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal:
    • Consult with 25 to 40 parishes to achieve their monetary and participation annual fund goals
    • Collaborate with pastors and gift officers to close gifts in the $500-$9,999 range, with input from Gift Officers as needed
    • Articulate the Appeal message and case in a compelling and resonate way for individual parishes in their portfolio
    • Assist pastor in establishing volunteer teams at parishes to maximize fundraising efforts as needed
    • Work closely and train parish staff
  • Capital Campaign:
    • Help parishes raise funds required to achieve their most pressing needs
    • Work with pastors to create individualized and/or modified cases to engage parishioners
    • Prioritize securing pledges in the $25,000-$250,000 range
    • Assist pastor in establishing leadership committees tasked with engaging prospects to commit to the campaign
    • Proactively manage all parish level solicitations
  • Increased Offertory Campaign:
    • Work with parishes on proven methods to enhance their collections, with the goal of increasing their regular offertory by 20% or more
    • Emphasize stewardship as an integral component to the success of the campaign
    • Work with pastors to create individualized and/or modified cases to engage parishioners
  • Special projects and events as needed

 Standards of Performance:

  • Achieve financial and other non-monetary goals (i.e. participation, volunteer team establishment) with a measurable increase over the prior year’s results
  • Build and maintain relationships with pastors, parish staff, donors, and volunteers
  • Submit detailed parish analytical and statistical reports during the campaign in a timely fashion
  • Some evenings and weekends are required 

Required Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s preferred
  • 3-5 years professional work experience
  • Intelligent, highly motivated self-starter and self-manager
  • Effective and polished communicator, both verbally and in written form, with strong presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to work both independently and within a team environment.
  • Excellent project and time management skills with the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Poised at all times and calm under pressure
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Driver’s license required as driving is a necessity for visiting assigned parishe
  • Experience with Raiser’s Edge preferred
  • Fluency in Spanish preferred
  • A passion for the Catholic Church and a deep understanding of Catholic culture


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:


Marriage Ministries Coordinator
Archdiocese of New York
Family Life Office
Marriage Ministries Coordinator


The Marriage Ministries Coordinator focuses his/her work and effort on the English Marriage Ministries components, including:  Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment, Marriage Mentoring, and Couples’ outreach and recruitment.  This position reports directly to the Director of the Family Life Office.  This position has been an evolving role over the past several years as the cultural, economic and operational structures of the Church have continuously been changing and traditional boundaries and ways of living and working are giving way to new ways.  As we seek to engage multiple audiences (e.g., age groups; marital status, etc.), this person must align with the overall strategy of the Family Life Office in continually fortifying and sustaining marriages.

This person must be a professional, highly organized, mature self-starter who works independently and exhibits a high-level work ethic as this Program serves the Archdiocese of approximately 300 parishes and a geographic area that traverses 3 hours from end to end.

This position is responsible for:

  • Coordinating certain aspects of the Archdiocesan English Marriage Preparation Program under the supervision of the Director and Assistant Director of Family Life Office, and in collaboration with the Family Life Office team.  This includes coordinating large Pre-Cana events that entail multiple components: recruiting and scheduling of presenters, venue site contracts and ongoing issues, class materials, financial operations and logistical aspects related to the success of the Pre-Cana event (within the Family Life Office’s departmental control/responsibility).
  • Facilitation and/or oversight of marriage preparation days (includes some Saturdays – approximately 2x a month, in place of a weekday of work).
  • Working with the Family Life team to plan and implement a program for Marriage and Family Life outreach and collaboration with the goal of recruiting couples for Marriage Ministries roles/opportunities (including pre-cana hosts, facilitators, companion couples, witness couples and possibly mentor couples).
  • Coordinating all ongoing aspects of the Archdiocesan Marriage Ministries Program as it relates to Marriage Enrichment, Marriage Mentoring and young couple outreach and recruitment.
  • Working with the Family Life team to plan, organize, promote and oversee all aspects of the World Marriage Day initiatives and/or events, including the “Longest Married Couple” contest.
  • Assisting with the premarital inventory and mentoring components of the Marriage Ministries Program as needed.
  • Maintaining knowledge of local and regional Marriage Ministry programs that we could recommend.
  • Managing and working within an annual budget.
  • Adheres to the internal and external deadlines for the Director.

Required Faith-Based Knowledge/Commitment

  • A practicing Catholic who accepts and is willing to abide by and give personal witness to authentic Church teachings, particularly on issues relating to the Office’s mission to promote respect for human life, family and marriage, chastity and human sexuality.
  • Ability to articulate the core teachings of the Catholic Faith as handed on through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church.  Good knowledge of Church teaching particularly on issues regarding marriage and family, the theology of the body, and life issues.
  • Able to support the Family Life Office’s mission to respect all human life, in particular the most vulnerable.

Education, Experience and ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:

  • Bachelors Degree in marriage and family studies, theology, or related fields (psychology, counseling, education, etc.) or Pastoral Certification required. Masters Degree a plus.
  • A good knowledge of Church teaching on issues regarding marriage and family, the theology of the body, natural family planning and pro-life. Some familiarity with the various methods of NFP, an acceptance of the NFP lifestyle and desire to promote it throughout the archdiocese required. Some studies in marriage and family life or previous experience are necessary.
  • Capable of designing/conducting marriage workshops and events.
  • Willing to work with spouse in marriage prep and marriage enrichment workshops/events.
  • Strong technology skills with proficiency in using all Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook), and an openness to learning new technologies.
  • Adaptable to working on new projects and rotating assignments, and also to adapt (expand) one’s skills and competencies (e.g., SurveyMonkey, WordPress, etc.)
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  • Must have a car and be willing to travel throughout the archdiocese and to collaborate with departments and agencies within the chancery, the archdiocese and beyond.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to:

Parish & Other Archdiocese Positions

Custodian – St. Gabriel/St. Joseph Parish

St. Gabriel/St. Joseph Parish
November 12, 2020

Custodian/ Handyman  for New Rochelle Parish School and Church

7AM-3AM    Full time  – one weekend day preferred.

Bilingual – Spanish preferred

Clean & Maintain building and grounds

Remove garbage

Check oil and heat daily

Minor repairs

Assist in setting up tables and chairs

Interested candidates should send a resume to:



January 2, 2020
Church of St Joseph and St Boniface
Spring Vallet, NY 10977Position:
Provide leadership in areas related to liturgical music and ensures appropriate music for all liturgies and parish celebrations.

Direct Supervisor:


  1. Provides music and musicians for all Sunday and other celebrations such as weddings and funerals.
  2. Recruits, motivates and trains all parish music ministers
  3. Encourages full and active participation of the entire parish community
  4. Collaborates with the Pastor and with other members of the parish staff to coordinate and plan all music for all liturgies and parish celebrations
  5. Conduct the required rehearsals insuring coordination of the various cultures and musical formats.
  6. Schedule cantors and musicians as needed, when not serving and the principal parish organist.
  7. Provides assistance to parishioners and others for planning liturgies such as weddings, funerals, Baptisms, and other services.
  8. In collaboration with parish staff and other liturgical teams, will insure music selections familiar to parishioners and selected to emphasize the liturgical theme for each celebration.

Performance Standard:

  1. Selects and develops musical programs, consistent with liturgical themes and which motivate and accomplish participation by the worshipping community.
  2. Prudently manages the budget for the parish music program
  3. Ensures the music will be part of every weekend and special celebration.


  1. Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience in Music
  2. 5 years experience serving as a Choirmaster


  1. Each applicant will be provided the opportunity to select a liturgical music piece, not to exceed 5 minutes in length, that will be performed on the Main organ in the Main Church at St Joseph/St Boniface Church.

Availability:    January 31, 2020

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to: