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Corporal Works of Mercy

Participate and organize corporal works of mercy this month. Coordinate with other parish groups.

Care for the poor, homeless, those who are alone, in nursing homes and extended care facilities with gifts of food and clothing. Organize the youth to go Christmas caroling at a local nursing home or homeless shelter. Check out end of life facilities in the archdiocese. 

Organize a ‘Giving Tree’ or Christmas drive to collect baby items and maternity gifts for a local pregnancy center.

Prepare homemade, easy to heat dinners for a mom in need who has just given birth or a single mom.

Host a coat drive for the homeless, coordinate with Franciscan Friars or Sisters of the Renewal or Missionaries of Charity. 

Pray for the conversion of all abortion workers; share with the parish information about Abby Johnson and her ministry And Then There Were None

Organize a youth group trip to a local cemetery to pray for those buried there, especially the graves with no flowers or that look forgotten. Take the opportunity to discuss the dignity of life.