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Black Ministry

About Us

The mission of the Office of Black Ministry is to listen to and promote the aspirations of Black Catholics; to encourage self-reliance, cultural identity, economic self-sufficiency, spiritual growth and to work towards the eradication of racism,discrimination and any and all forms of injustice that may exist within the Church and society.

Some of us are native New Yorkers, while others have come here from the various parts of the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, the Continent of Africa and the rest of the world. We speak various languages including English, French, Creole, Spanish, Akan, Ga, Ewe, Nzema, Igbo, Garifuna, and Tigrinya – to name only a few. We stand for life and justice and against violence, racism and all forms of injustice.

We value peace, education, and in a very special way, our young and our elderly.