We are so grateful to be able to come back to Mass and receive the Eucharist – the source and summit of our faith. Now more than ever we need the graces that flow from the Eucharist, not only for ourselves, but so that we can share the love and mercy of God with those around us. He made us incarnate, embodied, and meant to live in community with one another. So many of us have felt this deepest longing and been reminded how much spending physical time with the people in our lives affects our relationships with them. Our relationship with God is no different! He has never left us, but to now have the ability to sit with Him and to worship Him, in the greatest form, is a gift that will only strengthen our relationship with Him. Just as He has kept us company all year, His greatest delight is when we make the time and effort to do the same. A great priest shared the question he was asking his parishioners who were hesitant come to come back – “Do you feel better when you do?” Give it a try, and if you do (which we think you will), keep coming.

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