During the quarantine, I truly missed two things the most: confession and the Eucharist. It hit me how much I took these two things for granted; how accessible confession and the Eucharist are in the United States. I’ve participated in mission trips to places where a priest can only celebrate mass once a day on Sunday because he travels to these remote places. Some places around the world only celebrate mass once a month because it is so difficult for a priest to get to. It’s cliché but I didn’t realize how much I needed the Eucharist until I lost it. I’m going back to mass because I never want to take that for granted again. It’s a free gift and I want to accept it as much as possible because I realized that the Eucharist is the lifeline to my soul and without it, my soul was starving. 

For me, virtual mass was still beautiful, but it wasn’t enough. Spiritual communion helped a little, but it also wasn’t enough. As soon as churches were open, I started going back to mass. Parishes have made a tremendous effort in making parishioners feel comfortable enough to go back, so I didn’t think twice. I’m praying we never have to be away from the Eucharist again.

Fanny Gomez

Catholic Charities

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