Work began today to take down the former Saint Brigid’s Church, which had become unsafe as a result of the rear wall of the building pulling away from the rest of the structure.  The church had closed in 2001 when the former pastor of the parish, Father Conway, alerted the Archdiocese to the danger and agreed that the church should come down..


            The Board of Trustees of the parish corporation met on July 18, 2006 and were given a report of the hazardous conditions that exist due to the deterioration of the building as well as an updated structural engineering report.  Following these reports, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution that the building needed to be and should be demolished.


            There have been no plans made yet for the future use of the property at Saint Brigid’s, but the Archdiocese intends to use the property for other Archdiocesan purposes and ministry.  Saint Brigid’s School will continue to operate as an Archdiocesan Catholic elementary school.


            Joseph Zwilling, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese, said that decision to take down St. Brigid’s was a necessary one.  "The loss of a church is always difficult, and while everyone at the Archdiocese certainly understands the pain of the church’s former parishioners, this building had become dangerous and was a hazard to the surrounding community.  It is gratifying and encouraging that the former parishioners of Saint Brigid’s have been warmly welcomed by the neighboring parishes, and have found another spiritual home there.  We look forward to when the site of Saint Brigid’s will be used to serve the community in new ways."