(New York, NY) Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, released the following statement today following President Trump’s signing of the Covid-19 relief act.

“A Christmas season thank you to our elected officials – the House, the Senate, and the President – for passing the urgently needed Covid-19 relief act, which will help to protect all Americans, especially the most vulnerable, who are suffering during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic.

While no bill of this sort will ever be considered ‘perfect,’ it is heartening to see the broad support from both Democrats and Republicans that this relief act received.  In particular, I commend our own Senator Schumer, Senator McConnell, and my home state Senator Blunt for their diligent efforts in finding common ground to fashion a bill that all sides could support.

Thank you, Senators, Members of Congress, and President Trump for this bill which will help ensure that people have enough food to eat and a place to sleep, that our teachers and all school children, including those in our own Catholic and other independent schools, will receive the aid that they need, and that those who have lost work and income during this troubling time will receive much-needed financial assistance.  A good way to conclude a rough year.”