FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2020

Statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, on the Holy See’s Report on Theodore McCarrick

The following statement was released by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, on the “McCarrick Report,” issued today by the Vatican.

Please note that Cardinal Dolan will discuss the McCarrick Report with Father Dave Dwyer and Mr. George Weigel on his radio program, “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM, channel 129, beginning at 2:00 p.m. today.  Audio and video of the interview will be available following the program’s conclusion.

The Cardinal’s statement follows:

“The release of this report today by the Holy See is a necessary step in helping us to understand the case of Theodore McCarrick.  Although I have only had time to review the summary, as I have only just received the report today, I look forward to studying it carefully.  

Let me begin by once again expressing my sincere and deep sorrow to any who have suffered sexual abuse, and for the family members and loved ones of victim-survivors who have also suffered as a result of these sins and crimes.

Great credit must be given to those victim-survivors who bravely came forward in 2018 and made the initial allegations of abuse to this archdiocese.  You took us at our word that we wanted to assist you, and in so doing, you helped bring this matter to light, proving that anyone who has abused a minor, even a cardinal, will be punished. 

A word of gratitude must also be extended to Pope Francis and the Holy See for the way this case has been handled.  When the first allegation was reported to the Archdiocese of New York’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, we asked the Vatican for permission to have it investigated by the D.A. and our outside professionals, and have the entire matter judged by our lay review board.  The word came back: Pope Francis requests that you handle this case as you would for any priest accused of abuse.  The trust that our Holy Father displayed in the process followed by this archdiocese — and in similar processes followed by all other dioceses in the United States — was very affirming, and will lead, I hope, to others having the confidence to come forward, knowing that their allegations will be handled seriously, sensitively, and appropriately. 

That the Holy See followed through on its assurance that, at the request of the American bishops, a complete study of the dismal case of Theodore McCarrick would be undertaken and published is also most encouraging.  

I renew my plea to any person who has suffered abuse to go immediately to the District Attorney to report it.  If you have suffered abuse by a priest or deacon of the archdiocese, I invite you to also reach out as well to our Victims’ Assistance Coordinator, so that we might take appropriate steps.

Finally, let me request that all people of good will, Catholic or not, remember in prayer all victims of sexual abuse, a heinous crime that afflicts all segments of society, ruins lives, and destroys families, that we will one day be able to put an end to this evil, and bring comfort and healing to all who suffer.”