Put on a Holy Face

Now that we’ve received the all clear – with safeguards – to return to church for Sunday Mass, each of us has some adjustments to make. Among other things, we must resist the urge to run up to our friends and hug them, be prepared to stay home if we’re feeling poorly, and, after weeks of attending on the couch in pajamas, we have to figure out what to wear.

The biggest apparel challenge is that new item we didn’t have to worry about before the virus: the face mask. Of course, you can’t leave home without it, for your own health and that of all your neighbors. You also may not want to show your face at church – or not show your face, actually – in the same bandanna you’ve been using for the supermarket or the hardware store. Think ahead: If your only option is that black face cover with the old Rolling Stones logo that your son gave you weeks ago, you probably won’t feel comfortable lining up for Communion in full view of the whole congregation. Same goes for the skull and crossbones kerchief.

Fortunately, some smart Christian entrepreneurs were busy solving this problem before you knew you would have it. Faith and Fabric offers an array of handmade masks adorned with images (Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Michael the Archangel) or liturgy and prayer (Bible quotes, the Hail Mary, the names of Christ) that are perfect for worship. For more options, check out the various makers offering Christian face masks on Etsy. For images of the Blessed Mother, search the Etsy selection of Virgin Mary masks (mostly based on Our Lady of Guadalupe).

These items are handmade, so stock may be limited and prices may be slightly high. Your new mask will conceal your face while revealing your faith.