In August, the Office of Liturgy announced the formation of an archdiocesan Vocalist Training Program:

What is the Vocalist Training Program?

The Vocalist Training Program seeks to provide the qualified singer with the skills and training needed to serve as a cantor, soloist, or chorister in a parish setting through a low-cost, goal-oriented, and flexible pedagogical structure. Lessons are taught by members of the archdiocesan Music Commission and other highly qualified vocalists throughout the Archdiocese.

Why would someone want to enroll in the Vocalist Training Program?

Many parish singers in our area have already received fine musical training, but they are looking for additional educational opportunities to help them meet the unique demands that are involved when serving as a cantor, soloist, and choir member in a liturgical setting. With this in mind, the Vocalist Training Program is geared toward helping singers apply their musical skills and talents to the celebration of Mass.

How much do lessons cost?

Each semester (September-December; January-May; June-August) of instruction consists of 10 half-hour lessons. The cost for each semester is $400.00. A student is encouraged to seek the sponsorship of his/her pastor and parish, but a student may also pay his/her own tuition. Payments are made directly to the instructor.

Is certification offered?

The Vocalist Training Program offers three certificates for cantors, soloists, and choristers which serve as evidence of skills achieved. Evaluation to grant the certificates is through an adjudicated jury before the private instructor and at least one member of the Archdiocesan Music Commission. All certificates require demonstration of sight-reading ability.

How does one register or find out more information?

Prospective students may register online for the Vocalist Training Program at no cost. For more information, contact the Office of Liturgy.