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Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence

A Place to Call Home

The Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence provides a comfortable and safe home for retired priests who have devoted their lives to serving parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese of New York. The Residence ensures that priests live each day with dignity, independence, and the ability to practice their Catholic faith in a brotherly community.

The Residence is a place of respite, warmth, and support for pastors who dedicated themselves to the welfare and care of others.

These priests served many people over the course of their ministry, nourishing our Catholic faith, educating our youth, and serving all those who seek refuge within our walls.

Our Retired Clergy

The number of priests facing retirement is growing rapidly. The average age of our active Archdiocesan priests is 68, and the average age of our priests at Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence is 80. While some priests return home to live with relatives, many priests do not have this option and need a safe, warm, and welcoming environment in which to retire. With a capacity for 77 priests, the St. John Vianney Clergy Residence is like living with family for these men, and they are able to reconnect with colleagues from their seminary years and friends made during years of dedicated service to the Archdiocese.

Creating a New Vision

The Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence located in the Bronx, New York has a longstanding history as a home to the religious. From 1980-2001, the Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence served as the Saint John Neumann pre-seminary program for students planning to attend Saint Joseph’s Seminary. In 2003, Edward Cardinal Egan established the Saint John Vianney Clergy Residence.

Our priests baptize our children, comfort us in the confessional, witness our marriage vows and hold our loved ones’ hands as the Lord calls them home. Let’s join together to help provide care and housing for our retired priests so they can live their retirement with security and dignity. After a lifetime of ministry, it is now our privilege to support these faithful leaders.

Join us in giving back to our retired priests by making your gift today.

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