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From the Office of the Vicar General

XXXVII Annual Convention of Pastors 2020

As you undoubtedly know, being a pastor is both rewarding and demanding. In
order to help our priests respond to the challenges of a pastorate, the office of
ongoing priestly formation offers the annual convention of pastors – a short week
to reflect on their ministry as well as to attend conferences on topics which can be
of use to them.

This program first began in 1981 under the direction of the former pastoral life
conference and still enjoys a good reputation after almost forty years. It is open to
all pastors and administrators, whether they are beginning or continuing a
pastorate, and offers practical insights and methods which are most helpful. For
these reasons, I both invite and strongly encourage you to attend.

Enclosed is a letter from Monsignor Leslie Ivers, coordinator of ongoing priestly
formation highlighting this year’s convention in October. You may send your
reply to Les ([email protected]) by Monday, August 10.

Remember to join in on Tuesday, August 4 for the videoconference with Cardinal
Dolan and all his priests. Sign in information is included.

Ongoing Priestly Formation

Dear Father,
One thing we have all learned during this time of pandemic is that plans can change
rather suddenly and unexpectedly. Despite this, we still need to look to what we can
hope to accomplish in the future. One of these events is the annual convention of pastors
at the Breakers Hotel in Spring Lake, NJ.

At this moment, the hotel is open, but dining is out of doors only. The expectation is
that by October the dining room will also be available. However, if there still is a social
distancing requirement in place in New Jersey at that time, the Breakers would not be
able to accommodate the numbers we normally have for our meeting, not just in the
dining room but in the banquet room where we gather for prayer and conferences.

Considering this, we have tentatively reserved the Breakers for the week of October 1 2-15
in addition to the week of October 19-22 which is the usual time we hold the
convention. We are giving you the opportunity to register for either week. When we have
an idea of the numbers registered for each week, a decision will be made as to whether
we have the need to hold two separate gatherings. If there are two separate groups, the
speakers might be different for each of the weeks.

The presentations this year will be concerned with how we as priests and pastors have
dealt with the pandemic on personal, spiritual, and ministerial levels, and how we are
preparing for what parish ministry might look like in the future. As is his custom, His
Eminence will be joining us to celebrate Eucharist and share his thoughts with his brother

We need to have an idea about numbers soon so we can start the planning process.
Please contact me by Monday. August 10 at [email protected]. We ask that
you provide your name, parish, cell phone number and e-mail address and indicate your
preference of attending the convention on either the week of October 12 or 19. If both
times work for you, please indicate that also. Formal registrations will be sent at later on.
Please remember that the convention of pastors will take place only if the Breakers will
be able to accommodate us in October. There is no guarantee today that all will be well
in the fall. Obviously, our hope and prayer is that we will be able to continue with our
long-standing tradition of bringing our pastors together for prayer and fraternity.


Msgr. Leslie J. Ivers, Director


[email protected]