FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 28, 2022

The Good NewsroomTM, a new digital news outlet from the Archdiocese of New York launches to evangelize and tell stories about the Catholic Church in New York

Monday, November 28 – The Archdiocese of New York has launched its new, innovative news outlet, The Good NewsroomTM. The new entity is entirely digital in nature, matching a shift seen in the media industry over the last decade.   

For several years, the archdiocese has sought a way to increase its ability to communicate with its parishioners by providing timely news, opinions, and views of the Church and its followers. The Good Newsroom will be quick and nimble in its delivery, with the ability to get messages out to its audiences.

According to Cardinal Dolan, “The Good Newsroom will help us highlight the tremendous good the Catholic Church does on a daily basis that often goes unnoticed. Through our schools, healthcare, and charitable outreach, we have good news to share. At the same time, we will not shy away from the bad news. It’s a newsroom of integrity, one of sound news judgement, which is also how we decided on the name.”

Leading this effort for the archdiocese is a new team that includes a webmaster, social media manager, digital editor, and video content producers. The effort to increase the technology capabilities was critical to ensure the newsroom had the infrastructure to thrive in today’s modern world of communications. In addition to videos, articles and photos will also be published through a new website as well as through social media.

“The world has changed and will continue to change in terms of how organizations communicate. There is an ongoing shift to digital communications in all industries, and we created the new newsroom to stay current with the times. We believe The Good Newsroom will ensure more people know about the positive aspects of the Catholic faith” said John Cahill, chancellor of the archdiocese.

Bishop Joseph Espaillat, one of the youngest Bishops in the world has been part of the planning team. “You have to be where the younger generations are with your message. In addition, mobile is the way we get news and share news these days. We are excited to lead a change in this direction for the Church. This newsroom will allow for individual Catholics to be more active in evangelization.”

Emerging from the pandemic, the Church in the New York area has been focused on encouraging its faithful to return to Mass and supporting parish use of digital communications. However, it became clear that the archdiocese needed to bolster its outreach to more effectively communicate how the Church benefits society and enhances connection among its members through its services, education, and community-building efforts. Visit to learn more.