The Catholic High School Association has made an excellent offer to the teachers’ union. That offer includes the three-year offer previously made, and adds a fourth year which would benefit both sides. This was the basis for a settlement with the much larger Federation of Catholic Teacher’s last week.




Fortunately, the impact of today’s strike was minimal in many cases, as three schools (JFK in Somers, NY, Moore Catholic High School on Staten Island, and John S. Burke High School in Goshen) had the majority of the teachers in for a regular school day. Other schools dismissed an hour early, or had staggered earlier dismissals throughout the day.




The actions of the union will not bully or intimidate the CHSA into making a deal that would be bad for the schools and bad for the parents who send their children to our schools. It is our hope that the high percentage of teachers who reported to work in some of our schools indicates that the rank-and-file teachers do understand that what we have offered is a good and fair deal, and one which the union should accept.