The USCCB’s Divine Worship Secretariat has announced the forthcoming publication of several liturgical books which have recently received the recognitio from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.  The first of these is the English translation of Exorcisms and Related Supplications.  This is the first English translation of the post-Conciliar De Exorcismus et supplicationibus quibusdam, which was promulgated in Latin in 2004.  The English translation of this ritual book will be published by USCCB Communications and sold only to Bishops and designated exorcists.  However, it is expected that Appendix II of this book, which contains a collection of prayers and supplications for the private use of the faithful, will be published for general use.  More information about this ritual book may be found on the USCCB’s website, which offers a series of questions and answers regarding the Rite of Exorcism and its use in the life of the Church.

The Secretariat has also recently announced the Congregation’s confirmation of a “Book of the Chair,” which is entitled, Excerpts from the Roman Missal.  This ritual book contains only those prayer texts which are used at Mass by the celebrant when he is at the presidential chair.  Those portions of a typical Mass formulary which will be listed in Excerpts from the Roman Missal are the Entrance Antiphon, the Collect, and the Prayer after Communion.  As well, this new book will include other ritual texts that are usually proclaimed apart from the altar, such the introductory rites for Palm Sunday and the Easter Vigil, the Rite for the Blessing and Sprinkling of Holy Water, and Solemn Blessings and Prayers over the People.  This resource will be of particular value to those parishes with young altar servers, inasmuch as the book is only half the size of the current Roman Missal and much lighter and easier to carry and hold.  It is expected that publication information for Excerpts from the Roman Missal will be announced in the forthcoming months.