We all have our favorite saints. I know I do. I call them my all-stars and I have pictures of them on my window sill here at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Pastoral Center. As anyone who reads “Handing on the Faith” knows, Augustine of Hippo is one of them. However, for once I am not writing about him
Today, July 31, is the feast of another all-star saint and true giant of the Church, Ignatius of Loyola. We know he founded the Society of Jesus and his spiritual sons continue to help us “find God in all things,” but here’s a tidbit that you may not know about Ignatius
When this one-time soldier and ladies’ man had his world upended by a cannon ball fired at his leg, he underwent a conversion experience that was every bit as dramatic as that experienced by Augustine. It led to his priesthood and the gift to the Church we know as the Jesuits. However, it wasn’t easy. He had to overcome many obstacles. Here’s one of them
Ignatius the soldier didn’t understand Latin. He didn’t need it. But Ignatius the seminarian did and there was no such thing as an adult learners’ class. He was probably about 30 years old, but he sat in a classroom with 10 year-old boys and learned his Latin. His desire to serve God helped him through what was probably a pretty humiliating experience. There were other tough times, too, for him and for his order.  Yet, here we are in 2018 with a Jesuit pope and countless Jesuits serving around the world, including in our own archdiocese. Here’s a brief biography of Ignatius from Loyola Press
People who want to serve God and God’s people are always going to run into obstacles. The evil one will see to it that hurtful things happen to them. In the end, however, God will protect God’s people
Happy Feast Day to St. Ignatius of Loyola and all the Jesuits
Oh, one more thing. The cause for sainthood of a great 20nth century Jesuit, Pedro Arrupe, has just opened. He is often called the second founder of the Jesuits. Learn more about him here