Cardinal Egan today released the following statement on the latest proposal concerning immigration reform.

"In as much as both the United States Senate and House of Representatives are in the process of studying a new proposal concerning immigration, I wish to express my concern and my hope for a just and comprehensive reform.  All new legislation must protect family unity, make the path to citizenship both fair and realistic, and foster fitting working conditions for all who live and labor in our midst.  Any fair legislation must contain these critical elements, about which I have spoken and written on numerous occasions.   I shall continue to share my commitment to them with our legislative leaders.

"This nation of ours has from its earliest years been blessed by the immigrants who have come to our shores, and the Church, too, has been blessed by them.  We in the Archdiocese of New York stand proudly with our immigrant communities at this important juncture in the history of this nation.  We must ensure that we continue to be enriched by newcomers and continue, as well, to welcome them with understanding and compassion."