The Association of Catholic Schools and the Federation of Catholic Teachers have reached an agreement on a new four-year contract, subject to ratification by both parties.




The first three years of the contract include all of the provisions contained in the three-year offer made by the Association of Catholic Schools last November.




Because it would benefit both parties, this contract adds a fourth year, in which the teachers will receive a 3 percent salary increase for the first six months of the year and an additional 1 percent increase for the final six months of the year. All salary increases are in addition to the step increases teachers receive each year based on their years of experience and level of education.




Under this contract, the teachers will contribute 10\% to the cost of their health insurance premiums in the final year of the contract, which is the same percentage as is paid by all other lay employees of the Archdiocese.


The Association of Catholic Schools represents 217 Catholic parish elementary and secondary schools. The Federation of Catholic Teachers represents approximately 3200 lay faculty in those schools.