Truthfully, I’ve never stopped going to Mass during the pandemic. I’ve been blessed to watch Mass online and recite the Spiritual Communion prayer. But of course, watching Mass online and reciting the Spiritual Communion prayer are only temporary substitutes to attending Mass in-person and receiving the Eucharist. God wants us to actually attend Mass in-person and actually receive the Eucharist in-person. Our faith is tactile and meant to be practiced in communion with others. This is how God commands us to worship Him and how we obtain the fullest graces from the Sacrament. I don’t want to sell myself short.

I’m going back to Mass, in-person, because that’s what God wants for me and for His children. And I always try to do what God wants for me. Yes, it’s easier to just watch Mass online and recite the Spiritual Communion prayer, but deep down inside, I know there is something more and I don’t want to miss out on all of God’s best for me. 

Alexis and Ed from our Public Policy Office

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