The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture is honored to open its doors to The Dachau Album: A Holocaust Remembrance Project, a momentous interfaith event produced by The Arnold Unger Foundation for Remembrance, in association with The Sheen Center and The Jewish Broadcasting Service, this Sunday, April 23, at 6:00 pm. The event is organized around a sacred object of remembrance that was assembled over seventy years ago, in the final days of the Second World War, by Allied soldiers for a fifteen years old survivor of the Dachau Concentration Camp, the young Arnold Unger. This sacred object weaves the biographies of those who were lost at Dachau, those who survived, and the generation who will join us, on Sunday, to tell their stories. The Dachau Album is in many ways a reliquary, preserving and documenting "life" at the prison through surviving remnants: patches of uniforms, photos, and thirty rare drawings, a first-hand account of life at Dachau. The thirty drawings were drafted by the Polish Catholic artist, Michal Porulski, who was also a prisoner at Dachau
This Sunday, the story of the Dachau Album will be told for the first time. It will be an intergenerational presentation with visual media, film clips, and performance arts pieces by a multicultural group of students from LaGuardia High School in New York City. The grandchildren and children of survivors, including Avi Hoffman and Shari Unger (daughter of Arnold Unger), will narrate the event with readings from letters and the testimonies of those who are not here to share their stories with us. The performance and presentation will be immediately followed by a panel discussion moderated by Rabbi Mark Golub and will include Jewish and Catholic leaders: Dr. Yael Danieli, Rev. Brian E. McWeeney, Dr. Debbie Almonstaser, and Steven A. Ludsin
To learn more about this precious artifact which has been blessed by Pope Francis, and speaks so directly the crises of genocide and religious unrest in our world today, please follow the links below. Tickets are still available at

Traces of Arnold – Documentary Film Trailer from Avi Hoffman on Vimeo.

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