I’m proud of Eric Wandrey, a seminarian of the Archdiocese of New York, who runs the  God-Lights blog.  I particularly like his most recent posting on the meaning of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Here’s an excerpt:

Rockefeller Center is certainly an impressive place, but its art celebrates something problematic. While it rightfully memorializes laudable achievements of man, it does so with a tone of defiance and hubris. What happens when man is celebrated without reference to God? The Tower of Babel happens: confusion and dissipation. When the proper of hierarchy of being is overturned, peace and order can never be fully achieved.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral offers the antidote for the disorder that is  embodied by the art of Rockefeller Center, and by much of New York City for that matter. Throughout our city, we find proud testaments to the achievements of man, and enticing of promises of what we ourselves can achieve. Outside these doors, we are bombarded by noise, confusion, and distractions, but inside this Cathedral, this place of God, we experience harmony and peace – we experience silence in the city. Outside we experience the dysfunctional city of man; in here we experience the ordered and harmonious City of God.

You can read the whole thing here.