Statement on Monsignor Michael Hull and Frank Borzellieri

While Mr. Borzellieri maintains that his writings have received archdiocesan approval, through a censor of the archdiocese, Monsignor Michael Hull, such statements are false. Though they were initially made by Mr. Borzellieri through no fault of his own, he persists in repeating them despite having been corrected on numerous occasions.
At the time of Monsignor Hull?s supposed involvement, he was serving on the faculty of Saint Joseph?s Seminary (Yonkers, NY) and assisting on weekends at Saint Barnabas Parish (also Yonkers, NY).
One Sunday, between Masses, the pastor asked Monsignor Hull to review some of Mr. Borzellieri?s writings. Glancing through them, Monsignor Hull told him immediately that, while they contained no mention of theology, they were offensive and alarming.
Having misunderstood Monsignor Hull?s comments, the pastor, subsequently, in supporting his decision to renew Mr. Borzellieri?s contract, misstated Monsignor Hull?s remarks by saying that he found nothing contrary to Church teaching in Mr. Borzellieri?s writings, rather than saying that Monsignor Hull found no mention of the Church?s teachings in the writings. Monsignor Hull considered Mr. Borzellieri?s positions objectionable, and in a recent conversation between them, the pastor confirmed Monsignor Hull?s initial and continued disapproval of them.