Renew + Rebuild Public Announcement

On Thursday, October 5, the Archdiocese of New York announced the public launch of its $200,000,000 capital campaign, Renew + Rebuild. Cardinal Dolan hosted the kick-off at St. Teresa Parish in Staten Island, and the event was attended by many pastors, volunteers, and donors who have participated in the campaign.

To date, Renew + Rebuild has raised over $120,000,000 in pledges, the majority of which will stay within parishes for their capital improvement projects. The remaining funds will support other archdiocesan priorities, including support for needy parishes, evangelization and lay leadership, Catholic high schools, Catholic Charities, and the restoration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

In celebration of this milestone, Cardinal Dolan wrote that the campaign will allow us to strengthen our parishes so we can worship even more fervently, educate our clergy and lay leaders to spread the Word of God more effectively, provide the finest education, and help the less fortunate through our charitable ministries.

114 parishes have participated in Renew + Rebuild so far. Many thanks to all of the pastors, volunteers, and parishioners who have helped make this campaign a success!

If you would like to learn more about the campaign, please visit or call (646) 794-2008. You can read more about the public announcement at these news links: