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Update on the Sexual Abuse Crisis

List of Archdiocesan Clergy Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor
or the Subject of Eligible IRCP Compensation Claims

Set forth below is a list of clergy of the Archdiocese of New York who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor or possessing child pornography, or who were the subject of a claim made to the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program (IRCP) that was deemed eligible for compensation.  This list includes only archdiocesan clergy, which consists of bishops, priests, and deacons who were incardinated in the Archdiocese of New York.  It does not include priests belonging to religious orders or institutes, many of which have already released their own lists of accused priests, nor “extern” priests who were ordained in other dioceses. 

The inclusion of a cleric’s name on the list does not state or imply that he is guilty of a crime or liable for any civil claim.  The criminal justice system presumes that a person who has been indicted by a grand jury, or otherwise accused of or charged with a crime, is innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, a defendant in a civil action is not liable unless a plaintiff proves otherwise.  Where an allegation involving an archdiocesan cleric resulted in a civil settlement, there was not a finding of liability against the archdiocese or the cleric, as is typically the case with civil settlements.

The archdiocese has created a Review Board to assist it in determining whether allegations of sexual abuse of a minor are credible and substantiated, and whether or not accused clergy should be removed from ministry as a result.  A determination by the Review Board that an allegation is credible and substantiated, however, is not equivalent to a finding by a judge or jury that a cleric is liable or guilty for sexual abuse of a minor under civil or criminal law.  Likewise, the IRCP is a compensatory program and not an adjudicatory body.  As such, it is not required to adhere to the same standards as a court of law. 

The list below was first published on April 26, 2019, and has been updated as of June 25, 2019.  The Archdiocese of New York intends to update this list in the event that additional information is discovered or brought to its attention, or if additional allegations of sexual abuse of a minor are determined to be credible within the parameters set forth above.  In the event that any changes are made to the list, the revised, modified or updated list will be posted on the archdiocesan website.

Steps We Have Taken To Protect Children

In 2002, the Catholic Bishops of the United States adopted the Charter on the Protection of Children and Young People. The Charter led to a fundamental and comprehensive change in the way that the Church addresses sexual abuse of minors. The Charter requires that: all allegations of child sexual abuse be reported to law enforcement; every diocese have an independent review board to evaluate the legitimacy of these allegations; any priest who is found to have abused a child must be permanently removed from ministry; and every diocese must establish a safe environment program to implement preventive measures. It also requires that pastoral assistance be offered to all victims of abuse and that dioceses cannot demand that settlements of lawsuits be kept confidential.

The Archdiocese of New York has vigorously implemented the requirements of the Charter and, in fact, has adopted policies that are above and beyond the Charter.  When the archdiocese receives an allegation of child sexual abuse by archdiocesan clergy, the allegation is reported to law enforcement and the archdiocese fully cooperates with their investigation.  The archdiocese also conducts its own investigation, relying on outside investigators. The results of the investigation are presented to the archdiocese’s Review Board, which the archdiocese established to determine the credibility of sexual abuse allegations and make recommendations to the Archbishop as to the appropriate course of action. 

In keeping with the requirements of the Charter, anyone (clergy or lay) who is found to have committed sexual abuse of a minor is removed permanently from ministry and/or employment.  Cases involving priests are also sent to the Vatican so that the person can be removed from the clerical state (often called “laicized”).

How We Have Helped Survivors of Abuse

All victims of abuse who come forward are offered help.  In accordance with the Charter, the archdiocese has appointed a Victim Assistance Coordinator who provides pastoral care to victims of abuse. All victims are also offered professional counseling by a counselor of his or her choosing. The archdiocese pays for this counseling. Any victim, no matter how old the offense, is offered help.

In addition, in 2016 the archdiocese instituted the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program (IRCP), administered by Kenneth R. Feinberg, a highly regarded mediator who administered the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, and his associate, Camille Biros.  The administrators of the fund have complete autonomy to determine compensation for victims who come forward with claims.  The IRCP is designed to help bring healing and reconciliation to victims of sexual abuse, no matter how long ago their abuse occurred. The IRCP has served as a model program to provide victims swift compensation, avoiding endless and costly litigation. To date, the IRCP has awarded compensation to over 350 individuals whom the administrators have determined are eligible under the program.

Fig. 1 shows the year of ordination for archdiocesan clergy who were credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor or the subject of eligible IRCP compensation claims.

Fig. 2 shows the years in which alleged sexual abuse of a minor occurred by archdiocesan clergy who were credibly accused or the subject of eligible IRCP compensation claims.

 *          *          *

The following archdiocesan clergy have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor. 1  For purposes of this list, “credibly accused” means that archdiocesan officials have determined, following a review of available and accessible files, that one or more of the following exists:

  • the archdiocesan Review Board found the allegation to be credible and substantiated;
  • the accused was laicized or permanently removed from ministry as a result of the allegation;
  • the accused admitted the allegation;
  • the accused was convicted of a crime in connection with the allegation; or
  • there was a civil settlement as a result of the allegation prior to the creation of the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program.    
No.Last NameFirst NameYear of OrdinationDODStatus
1AdamoJoseph19422003Removed from ministry; deceased
2AlbinoJohn1990N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
3BarjacobaPeter19602012Removed from ministry; deceased
4Betances-TorresMartin1987N/ARemoved from ministry
5BoyleFrancis V.1955N/ARemoved from ministry
6BrennanRobert J.19492008Removed from ministry; deceased
7CalabreseDaniel1987N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
8CarboRichard1975N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
9CardenRobert19572008Removed from ministry; deceased
10CarsonDavid1984N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
11CarsonJohn F.19642011Deceased
12CoenCharles1968N/ARemoved from ministry
13ColleranKevin19722016Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
14DicksonDonald (Deacon)19792005Removed from ministry
15DuenasJaime19502014Removed from ministry; deceased; laicization process pending at death
16EremitoAnthony J.1967N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
17FennessyKeith1984N/ARemoved from ministry
18FlanaganJohn D.1973N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
19GallagherKevin1998N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
20GallantAlfred1962N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
21GallantJohn P.1960N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
22GentileGennaro1971N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
23GiulianoAnthony1984N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
24GormanRichard19822018Removed from ministry; deceased; laicization process pending at death
25HarrisWallace1972N/ARemoved from ministry
27InzeoLawrence1978N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
28JeffersRobert1954N/ARemoved from ministry
29JesselliKenneth1984N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
30KavanaghCharles1963N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
31KihmPeter1981N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
32KuhlMorgan1993N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
33LaBelleRalph1978N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
34LennonJohn W.19552012Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
35LeoneArthur19562018Removed from ministry; deceased; laicization process pending at death
36LynchJohn J.1965N/ARemoved from ministry
37MaguireStephen1987N/ARemoved from ministry; laicization process pending
38MaloneDonald T.19602012Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
39ManzioneArthur (Deacon)1979N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
40MazzaAlbert (Deacon)1996N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
41McCarrickTheodore (Cardinal)1958N/ALaicized
42MillsHenry1988N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
43O’HerlihyMichael19612013Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
44O’KeefeJohn1972N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
45ParrakowEdmond1968N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
46PfeifferJames19702002Removed from ministry; deceased
47PipalaEdward A.19662013Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
48QuigleyPatrick19812010Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
49SardyJohn1980N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
50StinnerFrancis19672017Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
51TheisenJoseph19592013Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
52TosAldo19532014Removed from ministry; deceased; laicization process pending at death
53VoglioJohn1987N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized
55WhiteWilliam T.1958N/ARemoved from ministry; laicized

1 Father Christopher Pliauplis, an archdiocesan priest who had been accused of sexually abusing a minor, was found not guilty by an ecclesiastical court on December 14, 2007.  Monsignor William Williams was accused of sexually abusing a minor in a claim that was submitted to the Review Board and deemed eligible for compensation by the IRCP, but was later found not guilty by an ecclesiastical court on May 8, 2019. Two archdiocesan clergy, Father James McLucas and Deacon James Rush, were accused of inappropriate sexual conduct following assignments in the Diocese of Harrisburg, in Pennsylvania.  In Father McLucas’ case, the victim stated in a court filing that she was not a minor when the sexual activity occurred.  Deacon Rush was determined by the Diocese of Harrisburg not to have sexually abused a minor.  Nonetheless, both men were suspended and remain out of ministry.

*          *          *

The following archdiocesan clergy are awaiting final canonical or archdiocesan disposition of allegations against them.

No.Last NameFirst NameYear of OrdinationDODStatus
56JenikJohn (Bishop)1970N/ARemoved from ministry; allegation found credible and substantiated by archdiocesan Review Board; canonical process pending
57McCarthyJames F. (Bishop)1968N/ARemoved from ministry; canonical process pending
58MeehanJohn1964N/ARemoved from ministry; allegation found credible and substantiated by archdiocesan Review Board; canonical process pending
59TaylorSamuel1982N/ARemoved from ministry; allegation found credible and substantiated by archdiocesan Review Board; laicized; appeal of laicization pending
60TimoneDonald1960N/ARemoved from ministry; archdiocesan Review Board process pending

2 Two archdiocesan priests, Monsignor Harry Byrne and Father Thomas Kreiser, have been indicted by a grand jury and have been removed from ministry pending the outcome of their criminal cases.  Further action by the archdiocese will be determined following the conclusion of those cases.  An additional archdiocesan priest, Father Daniel M. O’Hare, has been placed on leave following an allegation of sexual abuse that was recently reported to the archdiocese.  The archdiocese is continuing to investigate the allegation.

*          *          *

The following archdiocesan clergy do not meet the criteria set forth above, but the IRCP’s independent administrators have determined that claims against them were eligible for compensation. 3  In reviewing this list, it is important to note:

  • The clergy on the following list had already died or left ministry when the claims about them were made to the IRCP.  As such, these clergy did not have an opportunity to respond to the allegations made about them or provide a defense. 
  • While the IRCP is a widely praised program which is being emulated across the country, it is a compensatory program and not an adjudicatory body.  As such, it is not required to adhere to the same standards as a court of law.
  • A determination by the IRCP that a claim is eligible for compensation is not equivalent to a finding by a judge or jury that a clergy member is liable for sexual abuse of a minor under civil or criminal law.
  • Certain archdiocesan clergy members who are on the above lists were also the subject of eligible IRCP compensation claims.   
No.Last NameFirst NameYear of OrdinationDODStatus
62BradyJohn J.19081950Deceased
71DobranskyEdward19592017Left ministry; deceased
72DoughertyDaniel M.19271978Deceased
78GibbonsThomas19552017Left ministry; deceased
81HarringtonJohn M.19452009Deceased
87KellyKevin19562008Left ministry; deceased
94MartinPatrick H.19371983Deceased
98McNeillLawrence (Deacon)19732006Deceased
99MelicanMortimer19512002Left ministry; deceased
101MurphyArthur E.19191959Deceased 
103O’BrienEdward J.19622002Deceased
104O’BrienWilliam B.19512014Deceased 
108QuinnLawrence T.19672004Deceased 
113SullivanDaniel J. L.19331977Deceased 
116WeckbachJoseph (Deacon)19771995Deceased 
117WelbyJames1962N/ALeft ministry

3 In four situations, the IRCP awarded compensation to victims who were unable to identify accused priests by name or where the identity of accused priests could not be conclusively determined.

Important Highlights

  • No archdiocesan clergy ordained since the Charter’s adoption in June 2002 have been the subject of a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. (Fig. 1)
  • Approximately three-quarters of credibly accused clergy were ordained between 1908-1969. Most were ordained in the 1950s and 1960s. (Fig. 1)
  • Since the Charter’s adoption in June 2002, there have occurred two cases of sexual abuse of minors involving active archdiocesan clergy that have been determined to be credible. (Fig. 2) Both cases were handled by law enforcement, referred to the archdiocesan Review Board, and resulted in the priest being removed from ministry.
  • No archdiocesan clergy member against whom there has been a credible claim of sexual abuse against a minor is currently in ministry.