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Response to Abuse

If there is an emergency, and you believe that a child is in imminent risk, please call 911, and then contact the New York State Hotline (1-800-342-3720). 

The Director of the Archdiocese Safe Environment Office can be contacted outside of business hours by email:  You will be contacted within one business day.

To report a complaint of sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or anyone acting in the name of the Church, recently or in the past, please click on the link below and fill out the online form. Please respect that this form is not a general complaint form. It is meant to be used only for filing a complaint of the sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric.

If you have a complaint about any other subject, please identify the appropriate Archdiocesan office from this list.

Click here for the Online Complaint Form. 

This form may be used to present an allegation that a cleric (bishop, priest, deacon) has committed an act of sexual abuse of a minor. The completed form is CONFIDENTIAL and is submitted to us automatically by e-mail.

After you submit the completed form, you will be contacted within one business day. To ensure a follow-up, please include a means of communication in your form (i.e. email or phone). We are unable to follow up on cases where a means of communication are not included. 

We strongly urge that the complaint be reported immediately and directly to the District Attorney’s Office for the county in which the incident occurred. We will report the matter ourselves to the appropriate District Attorney’s Office for investigation. The Archdiocese will cooperate with any criminal investigation by the District Attorney’s Office and any other law enforcement agency. The Archdiocese, after consultation with the appropriate District Attorney’s Office, will take appropriate action concerning the cleric, including removing the cleric from his assignment, to ensure the safety of minors.

Learn more about the Safe Environment Program here