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Some Things to Know

Salus Infirmorum   Father Richard Adams, Father John Boehning, Father Harry Burke, Father Edwin Cipot, Monsignor Charles Coen, Father Patrick Dunne, Father John Fanning, Monsignor John Farley, Father Thomas Fenlon, Father Francis Gorman, Father Bernard Heter, Monsignor Robert McCabe, Monsignor Walter Niebrzydowski, Father Edward O’Neill, Father Philip Quealy, Father Andrew Walsh, Monsignor Edward Weber

Requiescat in Pace   Father Patrick Curley

Scofflaws and Culprits   Be advised that Father Romero-Rojas, a priest of the military diocese of Venezuela, does not have the proper permission to serve in the archdiocese. He is not to engage in ministry in our parishes, institutions, or organizations. He lives in New Jersey, and is employed as a pastoral minister, with a claim that this is different than being a priest-chaplain, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.

Father Carlos Mullins, a priest of the Diocese of Santo Domingo, Argentina, does not have faculties in the Archdiocese of New York and is not permitted to function in any ministry in any parish or institution, or with any group in the archdiocese. He is not welcome to live in any of our parishes or buildings.  There are no exceptions to this warning. A pastor or administrator does not have the permission to allow Father Mullins to function in any capacity.

Father Moses Mary Apreku, a priest of the diocese of Ho, Ghana, no longer has faculties, which expired several years ago when he was instructed to leave the archdiocese.  He is a adjunct faculty member at St. John’s University.  He is not permitted to live or work in the archdiocese.  We cannot assume that a priest has faculties for the celebration of the sacraments.  A letter of good standing from the proper ordinary or provincial is required for any activity associated with the parish.  Should you encounter him, notify the office of the vicar for clergy immediately at 646-794-3360 or [email protected].

Office Holidays   On Holy Thursday, April 6, the Catholic Center will close at 1:00 pm; and on Good Friday, April 7 and Easter Monday, April 10, it will also be closed all day.  Leave your message in the department’s voice mailbox and it will be returned on the next business day.  To reach the chancery after hours and on weekends, call Community Answering Service at 877-582-2996.  Add this number as “Chancery Emergency” to the list of contacts in your mobile telephone.

Distribution of the Precious Blood   It was announced at a recent clergy video conference that, given the easing of restrictions associated with the COVID-19 public health emergency, the distribution of communion from the chalice may be reintroduced into parish Masses at the discretion of the pastor.  This news presents an opportunity for parish communities to reflect on the spiritual meaning of this sacred action established by the Lord Himself, to offer Eucharistic catechesis to members of the faithful, and to refine parish liturgical practices in accordance with ecclesial norms.  Refer to USCCB’s Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion under Both Kinds in the Dioceses of the United States of America, and the current General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

Lenten Reconciliation Monday   Observed on the Monday of Holy Week each year [April 3] since 2011 with the dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre, the times are 2:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 9:00 pm in every parish from the east end of Long Island to the Catskills.  Promotional material is included in the combined mailing. [Events: Reconciliation Monday]

Mass of the Chrism   Each year during Holy Week, we have the privilege to gather with our archbishop as the high priest of his portion of the Lord’s people to celebrate the Mass of the Chrism.  It will take place on Tuesday, April 4 at 4:00 St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It is a principal expression of the fullness of the bishop’s priesthood and signifies the close unity between him and his priests.  The Christian faithful are encouraged to participate.  At this liturgy, His Eminence will consecrate the Chrism through which the newly baptized are anointed and confirmed; he blesses the oil of catechumens, by which candidates for baptism are strengthened to renounce sin and the devil, and the oil of the sick, through which the sick receive a remedy for the illness of soul and body and receive the strength to bear suffering, resist evil, and obtain the forgiveness of sin.  The priests will renew their commitment to clerical service.

The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for adoration beginning at 1:30; there will be an opportunity for confessions from 2:30 to 3:30. At the conclusion of Mass and at the direction of the rector of the seminary and the rector of the cathedral, bottles of the holy oils prepared by the seminarians will be distributed.  Holy oils from previous years will not be accepted for disposal; these may be buried in a dedicated place at the parish or burned in the new fire at the Easter Vigil.  This ritual replaces the one found in the 1994 Sacramentary Supplement.

Following the Mass, His Eminence would like to invite the priests to his residence for an open house reception with spirits, passed hors d’oeuvres and a buffet station from about 5:15.  Drop in before going out to dinner with classmates or priest friends.  You might consider inviting a first-time attendee or international priest to join you.

Seminary Gala   On Thursday, March 30, the second annual gala will take place at X2O Xaviars on the Hudson. You can learn more information in the Events section. To review the invitation and RSVP click here. You can also make a contribution to the seminary. Forms can be emailed to [email protected]. [Events: Seminary Gala]

Distribution of Holy Oils   At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, bottles of holy oils will be prepared and distributed by the seminarians to clergy at the conclusion of the Chrism Mass. Old oils will not be accepted at the cathedral; these may be buried at the parish or burned in the new fire at the Easter Vigil. For those parishes who will not be sending representatives to the Chrism Mass, holy oils will be available at the parishes of the area deans on Holy Thursday, April 6. Pastors who wish to receive oils locally must reserve them ahead of time by contacting their dean. Oils will be available only for those parishes who have reserved them beforehand. Holy oils will not be distributed at Dunwoodie. Parishes who need additional oils later in the year are asked to contact the office of liturgy.

Upcoming National Collections   Since 1209, the Franciscans have been in the Holy Land, caring for the poor, educating young people, conducting pastoral ministry, and keeping Christianity alive. They have the unique responsibility of caring for the Holy Places as well as caring for the living stones of the Holy Land – the Christians who live there. Each year, all Catholics are invited to support Christians in the Holy Land by donating to the Pontifical Good Friday Collection, Pro Terra Sancta on April 7.  Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe will be taken on May 14 to express care and support for people throughout the region, especially in times of crisis and disruption.

Joint Perpetual Care Fund (JPCF) was established in 1979 to provide participating archdiocesan parish cemeteries the benefits of professional asset management, oversight by an outside investment consultant, lower management fees, and strong investment performance.  We now have 37 of the 68 archdiocesan parish cemeteries participating in the JPCF (which represents 90% of all parishes’ perpetual care funds).  Would you consider investing your cemetery perpetual care funds in the archdiocesan Joint Perpetual Care Fund (JPCF)?  It is recommended that you do, especially for the ease of administration, direct monthly distributions, and superior investment returns.  You may wish to contact Scott Snyder, director of investment management at [email protected] or 646-794-3045 or speak with your parish associate director of finance.

Patronal Feast of His Holiness, Pope Francis   Sunday, April 23 marks the name day of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  Although the Third Sunday of Easter takes precedence over the optional memorial of St. George in 2023, prayers for the Holy Father may be offered at Mass and within the Liturgy of the Hours on this day.

Compensation for Religious   Each year we publish the new stipends for religious men and women working in the archdiocese.  Next year, it will reflect a three percent increase over the current year.  Cardinal Dolan is committed to continue supplementing the retirement portion of the stipend paid to working religious with proceeds from the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal.  The archdiocese will, therefore, reimburse each employer $1,563 per working religious.  [Updates: Religious Compensation]

Catholic Charities Seeks Clergy Input for its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan   Catholic Charities is just finishing the implementation of its five-year 2017 centennial strategic plan and is looking to set a direction for the next five years, 2023 through 2028. They are seeking input from many internal and external stakeholders and would very much welcome input from clergy of the archdiocese.  They intend to hold at least one group conversation via zoom in mid-April for about an hour.  Depending on the number interested, they may hold two or more. The sessions will provide the opportunity to offer suggestions related to the needs of parishioners and how Charities may assist in meeting those needs. You are invited to consider participating and let them know of your interest by emailing Tom Dobbins at [email protected].

Curia Report   The revised, streamlined and renamed curia report, with information about the activities of the archdiocesan pastoral and administrative offices that serve you is included in this mailing.  Refer any questions to the office of the vicar general. [Updates: Curia Report]

Parish Counseling Network   Parishioners have access to short term professional counseling at convenient locations throughout the archdiocese through a Parish Counseling Network developed by Catholic Charities.  The network offers more than 100 licensed counseling professionals to help parishioners through issues and crises that can be successfully addressed by brief counseling support such as marital problems, raising children, eldercare, job loss or bereavement.  Working from private offices, counselors are experienced with an array of difficulties and a diverse clientele.  Many of the practitioners are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.  Referrals to network counseling services can be made by pastors by calling Laura, Debbie, or Pat at 866.962.7487.  Parishioners are eligible for a maximum of six counseling sessions.  The fee for each session is a $10 co-pay.  The network will help pastors secure the most effective and appropriate care for their parishioners.  Contact Laura Brovich LMSW, Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange and Sullivan; 845.294.5124; [email protected].  [Updates: Parish Counseling Network]

Mass at the Air National Guard in Newburgh   The 105th Airlift Wing at Stewart AB needs the services of a Catholic priest for its drill weekends, usually on the first Sunday of each month, to hear confessions at 7:15 and celebrate Mass at 7:45.  Compensation is provided.  Of course, a letter of good standing must be produced.  If you can help, contact Chaplain Bob Tilli, wing chaplain at 845-542-9877 or [email protected].

Forty Days for Life   This life-saving prayer campaign continues throughout the archdiocese through April 2.  It consists of forty days of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil at abortion facilities.  It is proven to work.  When prolife people show up outside clinics, the ‘no-show’ rate goes up to almost 75%.  Many abortion-minded women have left facilities and chosen life during Forty Days for Life thanks to parishioners witnessing outside the clinics and services provided by the Sisters of Life and our pregnancy centers.  For more information, visit

On Receiving Holy Communion   The General Instruction of the Roman Missal asks each country’s conference of bishops to determine the posture to be used for the reception of Communion and the act of reverence to be made by each person as he or she receives. In the United States, the body of bishops has determined that “[t]he norm… is that Holy Communion is to be received standing, unless an individual member of the faithful wishes to receive Communion while kneeling”; and that a bow is the act of reverence made by those receiving (no. 160). This norm is supported by an Instruction by the Holy See regarding the Eucharist: “In distributing Holy Communion it is to be remembered that ‘sacred ministers may not deny the sacraments to those who seek them in a reasonable manner, are rightly disposed, and are not prohibited by law from receiving them’ (Code of Canon Law, can. 843 § 1; cf. can. 915) . . . .  Therefore, it is not licit to deny Holy Communion to any of Christ’s faithful solely on the grounds, for example, that the person wishes to receive the Eucharist kneeling or standing” (Redemptionis Sacramentum, no. 91).

The USCCB has decided that standing best promotes the dignity of the liturgy and the unity of the assembly, which is essential.  Kneeling was once the common posture for receiving communion, and some people wonder if this is a more reverent way to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  So, while kneeling is a beautiful gesture of reverence for the Eucharist and is perfectly appropriate during Eucharistic adoration or private prayer, it is best during Mass to unite oneself – in action and spirit – with the assembly. 

Those who receive Communion may do so either in the hand or on the tongue, and the decision should be that of the individual receiving, not of the person distributing Communion or the pastor of the parish.  There is nothing intrinsically more reverent about reception on the tongue or less reverent about receiving in the hand. Reverence or irreverence are generally determined by other factors: the spiritual attitude of the recipient, the demeanor of the one giving communion, the adequacy of Eucharistic understanding, and the way the Eucharistic elements are treated both within and outside Mass.  What counts most is to be in a state of grace and prepared with fervent desires to be united to Christ. In the final analysis, only God knows how reverent or pious a person truly is, because God looks at the heart and motive, and we usually cannot determine that.

Priest Personnel Records Upgrade   The office of priest personnel is migrating its records into a digital format.  Although some information may repeat what you have provided to the department in the past, we are asking all priests to participate. If you have not yet completed the form, try to do so this week. The form can be found at If you have any questions about accessing or completing the form, or if you need assistance, contact Kate Feighery, director of archives and records management at [email protected] call 914-476-633, x8365.

Share the Word   Give access to all your priests and staff members to the material which is pertinent to them, enclosed in the monthly mailing from the office of the vicar general.  For it to succeed, we recommend that this Some Things to Know be posted in the public area of the parish office.

What’s the Deal About the RFA?   We want all our parishes and pastors to be protected when they are completing capital improvement projects.  The Request for Authorization (RFA) process was developed to ensure that there is a fair and transparent bidding process (three are required), and that each bidder has the appropriate level of insurance coverage to work on a parish building ($5 million).  These are for projects in excess of $30,000, or where the Parish School Restricted Renovation Account (PRSRA) is the source of funding.  The engagement of a project management company, Z Facilities Management (ZFM) ensures that projects receive sufficient oversight from conceptualization through completion and that the warranty can be enforced, if needed, even after the pastor has been reassigned. Section 322 of the Financial Policies and Procedures Manual outlines the RFA process in greater detail.  Remember, too that the consent of the vicar general is required before a parish incurs an expense in making repairs, purchasing, or leasing equipment greater than $30,000.  It is not permitted to split your project into small jobs under $30,000 to bypass the process.  Your associate director of parish finance will be helpful should you have any questions.

The Good Newsroom   This new entity was created to better communicate with the faithful of the archdiocese as well as the broader community through digital channels. The new website relies heavily on video storytelling and quick turnaround times for reporting on events and initiatives.  There is a new app (application) for The Good Newsroom. This mobile application will ensure easy access to all our high-quality content, stories and updates about the people, parishes, and ministries throughout the archdiocese, and is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Visit to see the daily news stories and go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app today.  With questions or story ideas, email [email protected].

Unaffiliated Copier Vendors   See the attached memo which alerts parishes to some shady practices by unaffiliated copies vendors who are seeking payments against bogus invoices.  [Updates:  ICS Copiers]

2022 Income Taxes for Priests Only   Institutional Commodity Services (ICS) is offering at a discount the latest version of Scott Hoselton’s familiar manual, 2022 Income Taxes for Priests Only.  Again, this year, there are several new changes in tax law.  This manual will continue to help you or your accountant sort out how to report federal stimulus payments, paycheck protection program loans, COVID-19 sick leave and above-the-line charitable deductions for those who do not itemize.  As you know, priests are subject to special income tax rules.  Order online at  or call the ICS customer care team at 646-794-2600.

Just One More Thing  The vendor at the carnival booth who sat under the concessions sign was surprised when a man came up and said to him, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”