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Aggressive and Fraudulent Business Solicitations to Parishes and Schools Memo | Office of the Vicar General  

Recently, we have been informed that some parishes have received notices from service providers attempting to solicit business based on potential expiration of required inspections from New York City agencies such as the Department of Buildings (DOB), New York City Fire Department (FDNY) or the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for mechanical equipment (such as boilers, elevators, fire alarms, and the like).

While some of these solicitations may be legitimate, others have used the alleged possible expirations as a lever to gain access to the buildings to perform additional or unnecessary services. These service providers have typically requested payment for work up front in the form of deposits or material. It is very easy for a parish to fall prey to these scare tactics. These providers tend to add on unnecessary work that would not be requiredunder normal circumstances.

Should you receive any notices or visitations from service providers offering assistance with inspections, we recommend that you do not allow any unscheduled service provider to enter your premises, but rather, direct the service provider to contact Robert J. Hesselbach of Z Facilities Management (ZFM) at 929-4981-8033 or [email protected]. Heis your parish representative in all matters involving code compliance. He, your assigned ZFM PM and the ZFM team will address the notice or solicitation and provide you with the appropriate guidance.

Additionally, if you receive any written solicitation from service providers, forward them to Robert at the Catholic Center.

Building Maintenance and Winter Preparation Seminar | Office of the Vicar General  

With the cold weather fast approaching, it is always helpful to ensure that all necessary and preparatory steps have been taken to protect parish buildings and grounds from the elements. In this regard, I am pleased to inform you that a series of presentations will be held throughout the archdiocese in November and December to provide you and your staff with information you may find helpful in maintaining and protecting parish property in the upcoming winter season.

Energy Department of the Archdiocese of New York | Energy Efficiency Training

The energy department of the archdiocese has received funding from the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) to conduct energy efficiency training for facilities managers and other key stakeholders at our buildings. I am writing to invite everyone to participate in this training. There is no cost for this training, and it will be conducted via Zoom Video Communications. The 24-hour training is stretched over the course of three to four weeks to reduce the amount of time you are away from your other responsibilities.

These courses are designed to give parishes the information and tools that will help reduce a building’s carbon footprint and reduce energy expense. This advanced energy efficiency course provides an in-depth look into the areas of lighting, HVAC, heating and domestic hot water, and the building envelope. This course would take roughly 30 hours to complete, includes hands on training, and is at no cost.

Eucharistic Revival | Adult Faith Formation Office

We hope you will join and help support the Eucharistic Revival! We believe your ministry can provide each parishioner with a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ. If you have events happening at your parish that you would like to share, please send the information to [email protected]. You can visit our website for more details on upcoming events, resources, and an opportunity for people to share their testimony. 

If you are thinking of hosting a Eucharistic encounter during Advent, Lent and/or any other time in the liturgical calendar, consider hosting a Night of Mercy or something similar. Attached is a document with details on how to plan and run it. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you need any support.         

NavigatorACO | Calvary Hospital

NavigatorACO is an Accountable Care Organization for high-needs populations. In general, patients with high needs are defined as adults with complex care needs and functional limitations in their ability to care for themselves or perform routine daily tasks. 

In partnership with your healthcare provider, other healthcare professionals, and your family, we offer services to better manage complex health issues in your home. 

Our goal is to coordinate your care so you get the right care at the right time while avoiding unnecessary duplication or services and preventing medical errors

New State Gun Restrictions Insurance Coverage for Armed Security Protection of our Parishes | Office of the Vicar General

Effective September 1, 2022, a new gun control law was promulgated by New York State that restricts individuals with conceal carry firearm licenses from carrying their firearm in numerous places designated as restricted locations. The office of risk management and insurance, in consultation with the office of legal affairs, reviewed the new law for its impact on the archdiocese.

Under the new law, places of worship are not considered restricted locations but are identified as “sensitive locations.” Armed security personnel, including active duty and retired law enforcement are permitted to carry firearms in sensitive locations, including places of worship.

Make note that that no parish is permitted to utilize civilians who are not active or former law enforcement personnel for armed security on the parish safety committee or team.

Priest Personnel Records Upgrade  | Office of the Vicar General  

We are requesting the assistance of each of our priests as we migrate personnel records into a digital format. This effort is being coordinated by Kate Feighery, director of archives and records management for the archdiocese.

At the enclosed link, you will find a survey about your demographic, education, and personal history. Completing the questions will ensure that your file includes the most up-to-date contact and other information for you in our system. It can be found at

To enter the questionnaire, you will need a unique ID number, which will be sent to you in a separate email from [email protected]. If you have any questions about accessing or completing the survey, or if you need assistance, contact her at 914-476-633, x8365.

The Catholic Project | Office of the Vicar General  

As you are already aware,The Catholic Project of the Catholic University of America gave us a pre-publication presentation of their findings from “The National Catholic Priesthood Study,” the largest survey of AmericanCatholic Priests in close to 50 years. Thank you also to those of you who participated in the webinar. TheUSCCB was not involved in the study, but we are grateful for their giving the webinar for us and sharing the results. The Project’s goal is to better understand the overall well-being of priests across the United States; and how trust between priests and bishops has been affected by the abuse crisis (among other challenges) and by theChurch’s institutional response to those challenges.

The results of the Study will be published this week and will likely garner attention when released. Following this memorandum is a list of recommended talking points to aid you and your communications office in discussions with your priests, our faithful and the media.

If you missed the webinar and would like to see it, please email Anik Sales in the USCCB General Secretariat ([email protected]) for a private link to the webinar recording.