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Archdiocese of New York | National Collection Chart for 2023

You may wish to give your parishioners another reminder of the importance of online donations to maintain their offertory and provide assistance to them on how to register for WeShare. After each collection, send your checks to the finance office at the chancery, room 1940, payable to the “Archdiocese of New York”. A supply of small transactional envelopes for use throughout the year is being mailed to parishes during the month of June. Use one of these for each remittance.

Be aware that there are two collections which are combined: the first on January 8 and the second on June 11. One check may be sent to the finance office, room 1940. Just stipulate for us the amount to be credited for each.

Note that the Missionary Cooperative Appeal, at the direction of Cardinal Dolan, is obligatory and is to be arranged on a date selected by the parish. Pastors will be notified directly by the office for the propagation of the faith in the new year.

Please find the 2023 National Collection Chart for use in the parishes throughout the archdiocese attached

Archdiocese of New York Lay Trustees | Nomination Form

Please return to the Chancery Office by July 29, 2022

Black Ministry Office | Pierre Toussaint Scholars

The Pierre Toussaint Scholars Program (PTSP) and the Office of Black Ministry (OBM) are proud to announce the incoming class of Pierre Toussaint Scholars -15 college-bound, student- leaders of diverse cultural, ethnic and national backgrounds; from various high schools (Catholic, public, and private schools), and members of various Archdiocesan parishes. These new scholars were chosen from an applicant pool of very talented, very involved high school seniors, based upon three major criteria: academic excellence, involvement in the church community, and engagement in service to others.  

Committee for Divine Worship | April Newsletter

Committee for Divine Worship | May 2022 Newsletter

Development Office | Increased Offertory Campaign

We express appreciation to our colleagues in the Development Office who have been assisting parishes with this wonderfully successful program for several years.  At the conclusion of the campaign, pastors have been reporting a substantial increase in their weekly collection, including an upsurge in online giving.  Additional revenue raised from this parish campaign have been beneficial in supporting educational and faith formation opportunities; addressing unpaid expenses; or reengaging the parish community in the vision of the parish.  We applaud all who took advantage of this opportunity to strengthen resources in their parishes and encourage others to do so.  The program is free of charge, with all costs, except postage, covered by the archdiocese.  Contact Justine Carroll in the Development Office for more information at [email protected].

Development Office | Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal Update

Thank you for your faithful leadership in your parishes and for your ongoing commitment to the Cardinal’s Annual Stewardship Appeal. As of June 6th, 34,995 generous donors have pledged $15.82MM to the 2022 Appeal. Please accept my sincere gratitude for all that you have done and continue to do to help us approach, and hopefully exceed, our $21MM Appeal goal for 2022. It is through your cooperation that we secure this vital funding. As you communicate to your parish community the necessity of the Appeal in sustaining our archdiocese, you ensure that your parishioners understand the urgency of its mission and respond. Their loving and generous response empowers the Church in New York to continue to spread the Gospel and do God’s work.

By now, your Campaign Manager has shared the CAT file—our mailing list for each parish for the Appeal—with your parish for editing. The yearly task of updating these files can be tedious, so we truly appreciate your cooperation as we endeavor to keep our mailing list as up to date as possible. The CATs are available in PDF form for manual updating and Excel form for digital updating. Please speak with your campaign manager to determine the method that works best for you and your parish. The deadline to return the file is June 30th.

ICS | Updates

We are committed to getting you all of the resources you need at the best possible prices. Like everyone else, we are feeling the pinch from supply chain issues and inflation. Each week, I hear from our reliable longtime vendors about price increases imposed by their suppliers. These challenges are compounded by rising freight costs related to fuel prices and driver shortages.                   
To make sure we save you money and can deliver the items you need, we have shortened the ordering windows on LTP Liturgy Training Publication resource books, the Ordo, the Daily Mass Record and the Liturgical Desk Calendar. This will allow ICS to place an early order, consolidate shipping, ensure you a good discount and timely delivery, and avoid disappointments related to industry-wide paper shortages.                   

We are sending this info to you now so we can consolidate our orders into one money-saving truckload from each vendor.

Liturgy Office | June Newsletter

Respect Life | Responding to the Dobbs Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization anytime between now and the end of June. Given the possibility that the Court could use this case to overturn or significantly roll back Roe v. Wade, the need to be prepared for this decision at the national, state, diocesan, and parish levels cannot be overstated. Regardless of what happens, there will be a firestorm in the media. We can certainly expect parishioners to be affected in various ways.
The USCCB has provided resources to help you speak of the Dobbs decision in a polarized culture. We hope to better communicate the Church’s pastoral response to women and couples who are facing unexpected or difficult pregnancies, as well as those suffering from abortion.  Recent communications research tells us that, although this compassionate response has already existed here in the Archdiocese for decades, many Catholics are unaware of the Church’s help for those in need. Sadly, they often see the Church as harsh and rigid rather than compassionate and merciful. The parish is a wonderful place to give witness to what is true compassion and mercy. Download the file below to read the full memo

Schools | Updates

2022 Arch Media Awards

The Department of Education is proud to deliver the 2022 Arch Media Awards, featuring 19 amateur short films from nearly 200 elementary and high school Catholic school students throughout the Archdiocese of New York. Plans are currently underway for the fourth annual Archies award program to be televised next Spring at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in Manhattan!


We invite you to read our latest public-facing newsletter, “Promoting Student Success Through Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Health Services,” released in coordination with the Office of Teaching & Learning and ADAPP.

CFN Report

With help from the Catholic Faith Network, the Department of Education documented the annual Principals Retreat, held in person this May for the first time in nearly three years. Please see this CFN report of the day, featuring interviews with the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Michael J. Deegan, as well as Bishop Edmund Whalen and other educational leaders.

Catholic Schools Spring Newsletter

Please enjoy this Catholic Schools Spring Newsletter, which is a lovely look back at the 2021-2022 school year in pictures. This has been shared with the greater Catholic schools community.