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Archdiocese of New York | Curia Reports

Click below to download the June 2022 Curia Report from our ministries.

Archdiocese of New York Board of Trustees | Annual Meeting Minutes

Click below to download template for meeting minutes  

Catholic Charities | July Updates

Read the latest news from Catholic Charities including the statement on the recent Supreme Court Dobb’s Decision and Catholic Charities Gala highlights outreach to immigrants and the hungry.

ICS | July Updates                                                

We are committed to getting you all of the resources you need at the best possible prices. Like everyone else, we are feeling the pinch from supply chain issues and inflation. Each week, I hear from our reliable longtime vendors about price increases imposed by their suppliers. These challenges are compounded by rising freight costs related to fuel prices and driver shortages.
To make sure we save you money and can deliver the items you need, we have shortened the ordering windows on LTP Liturgy Training Publication resource books, the Ordo, the Daily Mass Record and the Liturgical Desk Calendar. This will allow ICS to place an early order, consolidate shipping, ensure you a good discount and timely delivery, and avoid disappointments related to industry-wide paper shortages.

Youth Faith Formation Office | Department Restructure Information 

It has been almost a year since the restructure of the Department of Youth Faith Formation (DYFF). The Catechetical and Youth Ministry Offices were fully folded into DYFF. A new regional structure was created with nine regional specialists supporting parishes from formation for Baptism to ministry with young people and their families through grade 12. A new director of Children’s Faith Formation, Joe Long, was hired as was a new director for Youth Ministry, Christina Davis. The new director for Ministry Formation, Bertha Peralta-Rodriguez, has begun new processes for catechists and youth ministry teams to grow in their own faith and more effectively minister with the young people in their care. Multiple models of religious education and youth ministry have been identified and some parishes will be implementing new models in the fall. To better understand the changes in the Department and to begin your exploration of new models and resources, download the attached annual report. If your parish is interested in piloting an after-school or summer-intensive model, please contact [email protected]

Youth Faith Formation Office | July Report

Click below to download the July report from the Youth Faith Formation Office