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Some Things to Know

SALUS INFIRMORUM Father Richard Adams, Monsignor John Brinn, Father Edmund Burke, Monsignor Patrick Carney, Father Patrick Curley, Father John Fanning, Monsignor John Farley, Monsignor William Foley, Father Hugh Grace, Father Jack Hunter, Father John Kostek, Monsignor John Meehan, Father Angelo J. (“AJ”) Micciulla, Father Joachim Olendzki, Father James O’Shaughnessy, Father Philip Quealy, Father John B. Sullivan, Monsignor Edward Weber

REQUIESCAT IN PACE Father Brian C. Brennan, Monsignor Hugh D. Curran

REQUIRED ANNOUNCEMENT ON FINANCIAL INTEGRITY HOTLINE The Archdiocese of New York is committed to safeguarding the stewardship of its people. As part of that effort, we periodically write to the Catholic community to advise them whom they may contact and what steps they can take if they have suspicion of financial impropriety.

Please find an announcement in English and Spanish to be included in your Sunday bulletin. Its wording was approved by the presbyteral council. If your parish uses another language, i.e., Chinese, French, German, Italian or others, I am asking that you have it correctly translated and send a copy of your bulletin with these translations to the vicar general’s office. Additionally, publish this announcement every February and August.


“The Archdiocese of New York takes stewardship of your donations seriously. If you have knowledge of or reason to suspect misconduct, please report your concerns via a toll-free hotline at 877-820-0541 or on the internet at Both are available 24 hours per day.”

“La Arquidiócesis de Nueva York toma la administración de sus donaciones seriamente. Si usted tiene conocimiento o una razón sospechosa del mal manejo financiero, por favor reporte sus inquietudes a través de la línea gratuita de atención telefónica al 877-820-0541 o en la Internet, en Ambos están disponibles las 24 horas del dia.”

HYGIENE AT MASS Sanitize hands before and after the distribution of communion; the chalice is still not being offered to the people at communion time; priests will continue to receive the Precious Blood via intinction during concelebration; encourage parishioners to receive communion in the open hand rather than on the tongue. The USCCB has established the posture of standing for communion as the norm.

THE SIGN OF PEACE At the last videoconference on June 23, the invitation to offer the sign of peace has resumed. This is expressed typically by shaking hands (the victory sign is an incompatible gesture). This invitation always remains optional (see GIRM, number 154, and the Order of Mass, number 128). With respect to the genuine concerns where people might transmit germs to one another with the physical exchange of the sign of peace, remind everyone that a verbal greeting, with a smile but no handshake, is not being unfriendly, but more likely shows care and consideration about possibly transmitting illness, or receiving it. Just like flu season, there may be good reason, after watching someone go through a pocketful of tissues, to be fearful of germs and not want to shake hands at the sign of peace. In such a case, even if that person is oblivious to his or her condition, putting one’s hands in a pocket and just verbally wishing the Lord’s peace is good enough.

COLLECTIVE MASS INTENTIONS For years, it has been the practice to have only one intention per Mass. In recent times, many bishops have appealed to the Holy See for clarification about the celebration of Masses for what are called collective intentions. In such cases, the faithful are free to combine their intentions and offerings for the celebration of a single Mass for these intentions. In 1991, the Congregation for Clergy in Rome permitted priests to accept several offerings for a “collective intention” for one Mass. Since 1997, within the archdiocese, it was stipulated that:

  • Donors must be informed of and consent to the combining of offering before the Mass for the collective intention is celebrated;
  • The place and time must be announced;
  • The practice may not be observed more than twice in a weekday.
  • The announced Mass offering of $15, established by the archdiocese, may be accepted for each of the two intentions.

CURIA REPORT During the past nine years, a chancery report was included as an addendum to the minutes of the presbyteral council. Beginning today, a revised and streamlined curia report will be published each month in this combined mailing. In a timelier way and in simpler format, we will continue to provide information about the activities of the curia, the pastoral and administrative offices that serve you. It will be found in the Updates section of Dropbox. See June today and refer questions to the office of the vicar general.

EXECUTIVE HEALTH EXAMS Each of us has been touched by COVID-19 in one way or another. Scientific evidence tells us that this virus more seriously affects individuals who have existing health factors known as co-morbidities (weight, blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, and kidney disease) and that simple routine prevention is essential. Recently, EHE examined close to 40,000 patient visits and were struck by how many fewer co- morbidities were present in repeat EHE Health patients vs. new patients. Preventive health matters now more than ever. Protecting your future begins with understanding your health today. The first step is visiting EHE Health for your comprehensive exam, which is covered by our United Health Care insurance benefits. Book your exam today at or 844-947-0638.

PRESBYTERAL COUNCIL SELECTIONS It is time again to think about choosing priests to fill vacancies on the presbyteral council. Terms are for three years. His Eminence has underscored the importance of this council in his administration. He expressed his hope that priests would make themselves available to serve on this senate and he urges the widest possible engagement in the selection process. He wants to be assured that the make-up of the council is truly representative. Your active participation is clearly desired. Deans are encouraged to discuss these vacancies with their constituencies. Areas open for election or reelection are Manhattan North, Retired Priests, and Westchester North.

HALF DAY FRIDAYS AT THE CATHOLIC CENTER When contacting one of the departments for someone to help you with an important matter, we want you to be aware of the custom of closing early at 1:00 pm on the ten Fridays of the summer, from July 1 through September 2. If you call an office and receive a voicemail greeting, leave a message and it will be returned on Monday, the next business day. You may also send an email using the address format [email protected].

OFFICE HOLIDAYS On Monday, August 15, the Catholic Center will be closed for the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation for Catholics to attend Mass. You may always leave your message in the voice mailbox, and it will be returned on the next business day. To reach the chancery after hours and on weekends, call Community Answering Service at 877-582-2996. Add this number as “Chancery Emergency” to the list of contacts in your mobile telephone.

LAY TRUSTEE NOMINATION FORM Every year in June, we seek your help with the annual election of two lay trustees to serve your church. We are hoping to receive these names from you by Friday, July 29. In case you misplaced it, one is included in this monthly mailing; or you may call Dorothy (646-794-2908) for another copy. Help us as we try to be in compliance with the New York State Religious Corporation Law. Once we receive your nomination, the original will be returned to you with the authorized signatures of His Eminence and the vicar general. You may file it in the parish corporate minutes’ book. A copy will be retained in the chancery files. Since all parishes are required to hold an annual meeting of the trustees by the second Wednesday of November (this year, it is November 9), a model which you may wish to use is included in the Updates section of Dropbox.

XLV COLUMBUS DAY MASS will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Monday, October 10 at 9:30 am and reflects the millions of men, women and children who came to America in pursuit of freedom and opportunity, and the faith that helped them endure hardship and adversity. You may wish to promote this Mass with your parishioners in your upcoming bulletins. The parade celebrating Italian American heritage will begin at 11:30. Admission is free, but tickets are required to enter the cathedral until 9:15 at which point it becomes general admission.

RECOVERY SUNDAY As you know, Recovery Sunday is a national day of prayer during the month of September for those troubled with and in recovery from addictive illnesses. It was inaugurated in 1999 by Cardinal O’Connor, continued by Cardinal Egan and reintroduced in 2016 by Cardinal Dolan. Statistics tell us that more than 20 million Americans are struggling; nine million children live in homes with one parent who has an addiction commonly associated with alcohol and illicit drug use, and increasingly with gambling, sex, social media, food, shopping, and pornography. It is a reminder of the plight of those dealing daily with addiction and recovery issues, and those who love and support them on the difficult journey to healing. It is an opportunity to recall the true meaning of freedom, as material abundance and spiritual emptiness too often lead to addictive behaviors. Most importantly, the observance is a powerful vehicle for prayer for families and communities in need. Consider designating a weekend in September as Recovery Sunday in your parish, perhaps on September 25. Resource material is available from the family life office.

XXXVII ANNUAL CONVENTION OF PASTORS 2022 Reserve four days during the week of October 3 for this popular gathering of priests who are serving as pastors of parishes. Last held in 2019, it will be conducted at the Breakers Hotel in Spring Lake, New Jersey. The essentials of the program are still being prepared and will be sent in early September, but will likely include cycle A of the lectionary, contemporary moral issues and the Eucharistic Revival.

WORLD YOUTH DAY 2023 ~~ SUNDAY, JULY 30 THRU MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 2023 Registration is due by Monday, August 15, 2022. Join the archdiocese for this nine-day pilgrimage to Fatima and Lisbon, Portugal. Meet Catholic young adults from around the world to pray together, learn together, and celebrate together. Must be 18+ to attend. For more information and to register, click here. The tour brochure is also available for download at the same link. For questions, email [email protected].

FAMILY DAY: MAKING EVERYDAY SPECIAL® is a National Center on Addiction Substance Abuses initiative to promote simple, everyday things parents can do to build a strong, healthy relationship with their kids that prevents future drug use. Family day will be celebrated nationwide on Monday, September 27, 2021. To learn more or to join parents all across America in taking the Family Day STAR pledge, visit You may also find family day on Facebook and Twitter. A Parent Toolkit is included with this mailing.

WHEN PRIESTS ASK, “MAY I CONFIRM?” Since bishops are the ordinary ministers of confirmation for previously baptized and catechized Catholic children or adults, it is the preference of the cardinal that one of the nine active or retired auxiliaries be contacted when an unexpected condition like illness or death in the family arises. They will be happy to assist you. Pastors may only validly confirm candidates who are involved in a catechumenal process and are to be fully initiated at the Easter Vigil, during the Easter season, or at another time of the year with delegation from the vicar general.

YOUTH FAITH FORMATION MODELS Last summer, His Eminence shared his new vision for parish faith formation and asked the office of youth faith formation to be creative and bold in forming our young people and their families in their faith. To meet these needs, parishes are encouraged to examine their religious education efforts and determine if modifications, a new model, or a whole new approach is needed. The office has identified a multitude of potential models for parishes. Refer to these models by reviewing the pamphlet in the Initiatives section of Dropbox. For further information, contact the office of youth faith formation at 646-794-2859 or your regional catechetical director.

MASS INTENTIONS AND STIPENDS In May, the presbyteral council asked for a review of the offerings accepted from our people for announced and unannounced Masses. Although eight of the 12 deaneries reported that they were in favor of an increase, an actual vote of the 25 members present at the meeting indicated a desire to leave things as they are. Currently, the offering for an announced Mass, specified by the chancery, is set at $15, and at $5 for an unannounced Mass. Cardinal Dolan has accepted their recommendation not to make any changes at this time. Below is a review of some of the discussion:

  • The Mass offering (stipend) and a portion of the stole fee (from performance of sacramental functions) have always been part of the financial sustenance of the priest.
  • The last increase occurred in December 2003 when the offering for an announced Mass was raised from $10 to $15; and that of the unannounced Mass remained at $5 (originally set in 1982). This is the current practice today.
  • In both cases, it was understood that, in keeping with the tradition founded on the urging of charity, those who could not afford these amounts, or who could not make any offering, would not be denied the opportunity of having Mass celebrated for their intentions.
  • Although parishes may not ask for more than the archdiocesan standard, they may accept less, especially if it is a hardship for parishioners.
  • Unlike fees for baptisms, weddings, or funerals, it has never been up to an individual pastor to increase the Mass offerings which are set by the bishop of the diocese.
  • Pastors are advised to emphasize to their people that there is no “cost” for a Mass, but rather a customary offering to the parish.
  • Whenever a priest celebrates more than one Mass on a particular day, he may retain for personal use only one stipend. Any stipends which were accepted for the celebration of additional Masses must be disposed of in accord with archdiocesan policy (c. 951). The custom in New York is for the support of our archdiocesan seminary.
  • In addition, every pastor is mandated to offer the Mass for the people of his parish on Sundays and holy days. This Missa pro populo is the personal obligation of the pastor. He may delegate it to a visiting priest or a parochial vicar; then, in justice, tender the current stipend of $15 to the priest satisfying the Mass.
  • There has always been a question of disparity, especially in poorer parishes where the availability of a daily Mass stipend is not assured. Through the goodness of several of our pastors, Mass intentions from donors who are not able to be present are available from the office of the vicar general.
  • If it is anticipated that a priest will be in financial difficulty, he ought to make it known to the vicar general so that assistance may be offered.

NEW STRUCTURE FOR THE PRIEST PERSONNEL BOARD When first established in 1968, the personnel board served the cardinal archbishop in an advisory capacity by proposing priests for assignments. It consisted of three pastors, two parochial vicars and one priest from a non-parochial ministry, elected by their peers and bound by absolute confidentiality. A revision was recently proposed by the vicar for clergy, accepted by the presbyteral council and the current priest personnel board, and endorsed by the cardinal. The new board will be composed of the five auxiliary bishops who are regional episcopal vicars, the vicar general, and two deans elected by the presbyterate-at-large. Each pastoral appointment would also involve consultation with the local dean of the area where the parish or assignment is located (if he is not already an elected member of the board). As individual candidates are discussed for specific assignments, the local dean where the priest is presently assigned would also be consulted (if he is not already an elected member of the board). As our parishes and the presbyterate continue to change, this new model can facilitate an effective consultation standard for the assignment of priests.

DECIDED EXCELLENCE CATHOLIC MEDIA You are welcome to explore this new initiative for your parishes. Its purpose is to evangelize parishioners and non- parishioners and invite those that have left the Church toreturn. Decided Excellence Catholic Media publishes high-gloss Catholic magazines all over the country. Look at how this evangelization effort could assist your parish community. For more information about these parish magazines, visit or contact Rich Scanlon at (262) 333-3163 or [email protected].

PLEASE BE ADVISED Father Javier Mauricio Peñaranda Alvarez (known locally as Father Javier Peñaranda), a priest of the Archdiocese of Cartagena, Colombia, was assigned in the Diocese of Rockville Centre and has been informed that he was no longer permitted to exercise priestly ministry there and was asked to leave the diocese after receiving a summons from his own diocesan archbishop to return – a summons which he ignored. Recently, it was learned that Father Peñaranda has presented himself for ministry to parishes as a priest in good standing. Pastors must ensure that this priest not be permitted to exercise any kind of ministry in the archdiocese. He has no faculties and has been forbidden to exercise any such ministry, publicly or privately (without prejudice to the provisions of c. 976). Should you have any contact with him, speak immediately with Bishop Edmund Whalen at the office of the vicar for clergy. Contact 646-794-3360 or [email protected].

MARIAN PARADE | Desfile Mariano de New York Pastors are again being solicited and it has become necessary to inform the people of our parishes about these misleading organizations. See last year’s letter in the Updates section of Dropbox.

JUST ONE MORE THING Returning to the parish church from vacation, Mrs. Sandbar was overheard saying to someone after Mass, “We use a very strong sunblock when we go to the seashore with the kids. It’s SPF 80. You squeeze the tube, and a sweater comes out.”