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Updates from Schools, Charities & More

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): COVID Products

The FEMA-eligibility period for ordering and seeking reimbursement for PPE and other pandemic cleaning-related supplies has been extended. At this writing, the exact end dates are unclear. I want to encourage you to check your supplies and consider reordering items you will need in the foreseeable future. We believe that most, if not all, of the items in this brochure are reimbursable. The reimbursement process is being managed by Al Kelly in the Insurance Division of the Archdiocese. Please contact him at [email protected] if you have not already done so. He is collecting parish and parish based school information for a consolidated reimbursement request. Repeated thanks for your business. We are proud to serve you.

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Staples Program

As an entity that is part of the Archdiocese of New York, your parish/ school has access to an exclusive Staples program. See the booklet for a sampling of everything Staples offers including Office products, classroom supplies, cleaning supplies, safety and first aid items, technology, furniture, coffee, snacks and more.

To register, visit the ICS website at staples-advantage-sign-up.

For program questions, contact the ICS Staples Account Manager at [email protected].

Schools: Spring Pastor Newsletter

Has any previous spring felt more like spring? Phrases such as “new life” and “a fresh start” have never been more tangible. A winter of hope has is steadily blooming into a season of promise with society opening more and more with each passing day. As the school year crescendos with graduations, it does so with our schools residing front and center in the national discussion about how to best run a school system.

This Spring Pastor Newsletter contains many images and stories from our schools over the past 5 months, including the solemn blessing
of a statue of a great man from Staten Island; a very talented 8th grader from Rye who is now a published author; a behind the scenes look at the production of a national news segment at Good Shepherd School in Manhattan; and a refreshed look for our celebrated John Cardinal O’Connor School in Irvington.