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Catholic Charities: Charity in Action
How the Catholic Charities of New York Helpline Became a Lifeline

In 2019, Catholic Charities of New York received over 15,500 calls to their Helpline. In 2020, that number increased to over 27,000 calls. That is a 74% increase in the volume of calls in just one year and this is no surprise. The impact of Covid-19 in New York State put pressure on systems of support and social service resources.                 

The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Center is as Much a Part of Harlem as Harlem is a Part of The Center                                                                   

In the wide landscape that is Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, there is a particular place where a unique kind of change is happening. At the Lieutenant Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Center in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, the community is able to access community services that are changing lives.

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Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Great Deals on Benjamin Moore Paint and Spring Cleaning Supplies
ICS partners with Benjamin Moore to bring you outstanding prices and optional project management support from a leader in the industry. See the attached flyer for details.Also, ICS has an assortment of vetted vendors and products to assist you with other spring cleaning and refreshing projects. Let us help you with

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Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): COVID Products

A variety of COVID Products that will help you maintain a germ-free workplace and observe social distancing guideline 
The FEMA-eligibility period for ordering and seeking reimbursement for PPE and other pandemic cleaning-related supplies has been extended. At this writing, the exact end dates are unclear. I want to encourage you to check your supplies and consider reordering items you will need in the foreseeable future. We believe that most, if not all, of the items in this brochure are reimbursable. 
The reimbursement process is being managed by Al Kelly in the Insurance Division of the Archdiocese. Please contact him at [email protected] if you have not already done so. He is collecting parish and parish based school information for a consolidated reimbursement request. Repeated thanks for your business. We are proud to serve you.