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Updates from Schools, Charities & More

Catholic Charities: Charities In Action Newsletter

Light The World Giving Machine brings spirit of interfaith giving to Rockefeller Center and you can participate

For the third year, Catholic Charities of New York has joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Giving Machine initiative. They’re vending machines, but instead of buying chips, you’ll be donating necessities to people in need.

Catholic New York: Catholic New York E-Edition

Catholic New York’s e-edition is an exact digital copy of the biweekly print edition. It has been very well received over the past two years as the number of those requesting it has grown steadily. The e-edition is offered at no cost to your parish or your parishioners. Here are advantages of giving Catholic New York’s e-edition to your parishioners:       

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Easter

As we prepare for Easter once again, I want to give you updates about our product selection and ordering deadlines. Please remember that our ability to secure great prices for you is based in part on our collective purchasing power and depends on parishes ordering through ICS. Please order as soon as you can! We can save you money, time and headaches.

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Root Candles

With over 150 years of history—Root Candles adorn churches and cathedrals across the country, providing superior burning candles and clean burning wax. 

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Palm for Palm Sunday

Although Palm Sunday is a full four months away, I urge you to think about your palm needs now and order from ICS as soon as you can. We get a very good financial deal when we band together to order through ICS. Collectively, the parishes of the Archdiocese are a huge customer. Almost more important than the price is the guaranteed timely delivery. When the ICS order reaches one million palm strips, (a very reasonable number, actually) it qualifies for priority shipping from the producer in Alamo, Texas. This means that all the palm comes in a single dedicated refrigerated shipment from Texas to a UPS distribution center in New Jersey. From there, the fresh palms are delivered to your parishes. Please don’t delay. See the ICS info in this mailing and order before Advent commands your attention.