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Updates from Schools, Charities & More

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): August Memo

We are already thinking about the best ways to meet your Advent and Christmas needs! No, we are not “rushing the season,” but we want to make sure you order early to avoid disappointment. It is possible that some of our suppliers may have post-pandemic delays in their supply chains. ICS buys in bulks and passes along discounts on quality products and services. Our prices are lower than list. Please support ICS as a “local” business that exists solely to serve you! 

Please review the brochure of timely publications and items you will want to replace for the new year.

  • ICS Christmas Brochure
  • Fuel Oil Program
  • Annual Parish Publications

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): ICS Annual Publications – August 2021

This brochure describes annual publications that are invaluable to parishes. ICS is proud to once again offer them at prices lower than you will find elsewhere. As you know, we buy in bulk and pass along discounts to you. Buying from ICS gives you great products, prices and service, but it also helps us maintain the ability to bring you the best of everything at an affordable price.

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): Fuel Oil Program

ICS’s fuel oil procurement program is designed to help Catholic parishes secure the most competitive fuel prices available to them in their area. Each entity that joins the program has three (3) options to choose from, depending on their preference in managing and budgeting their annual fuel oil expense

Schools: 2021 Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools Announcement

  • WHO: Eighth-grade students applying for Fall 2021 admissions to Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of New York.
  • WHAT: The test is designed to measure school aptitude and scholastic achievements in reading, mathematics, and language.
  • WHEN: Archdiocese of New York: Friday, November 5, 2021–Online, remote at home test.
  • HOW: Register for the exam via internet or telephone beginning at 9:00 AM on Monday, August 23,2021 through Sunday, October 24, 2021, until 5:00 PM.
  • Fee: $65

Visit for more information

Schools: Memorandum from Michael Deegan – TACHS

The Test for Admissions into Catholic High School (TACHS) in the Archdiocese of New York will be administered once again as an online, at home, remote test on Friday, November 5, 2021. Students may register 7 days a week online via or via telephone at 1-866-618-2247 from August 23rd until October 24, 2021 by 5PM.

I ask that you kindly make pulpit and/or bulletin announcements regarding the TACHS (Test for Admissions into Catholic High Schools) on Sundays. Suggested content for the announcements is given on the attached sheet. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this effort to facilitate entrance procedures for our Catholic high schools

Schools: Catholic School Listing 2021 

Choosing a high school is one of the most important decisions students and their parents will make. The 43 Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of New York all provide quality academic education in environments formed by the faith and values of the Catholic Church. 
Each high school in the Archdiocese of New York is a supportive learning community directed by administrators and faculty members who help students grow to understand themselves, their relationship with God and their relationships with others. Students develop the skills they will need to succeed in higher education and a wide range of careers. They are encouraged to participate in activities which serve the communities in which they live and the Church in which they worship. 

This booklet will help families find the Catholic secondary school best suited for their children. It contains basic information about each high school including web sites and the dates of their Open Houses. These will provide opportunities to obtain more detailed information about individual schools. Our high schools are prepared to offer Virtual Open Houses if needed. Due to COVID-19 all attendees will be asked to follow CDC rules and regulations.