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Office of the Vicar General

Winning the Battle: Helping Pastors, Youth Ministers and Parents Find Victory Over Pornography For Teens and Young Adults

This live free webinar will present the reality of the pornography problem among teens and young adults within the faith community. In addition, we will present practical steps that faith community leaders can take to help those under their care. Our focus will be on those who are helping teens and young adults. Each presenter will share a real story of someone who has faced the challenge and found victory.

Why is RAAP’s Fall webinar, scheduled for November 10th, critically important? Here are four reasons that quickly come to mind:

  1. Because silence does not work, it only makes the problem worse.
  2. Because as Christian leaders we have an opportunity and an obligation to serve our people.
  3. Because pornography is destroying marriages and moral fiber of so many Christians.
  4. Because the webinar will help us understand the problem and will provide practical steps for training and help.

Here is what one of the experts in our country who is serving Christian leaders shared with us recently:

“In just the past two months I have personally worked with 5 pastors who are struggling with the use of pornography. These are mature believers who have been serving the church and ministries for many years. Yet, their lives, marriages and vocations are being destroyed by this invisible “virus”. One of the five has been fired, one has left the church which he founded, one leads a prayer ministry and is not sure what the future will bring, one is resigning as an area director for a campus ministry, and the last one is training up his replacement so he can retire well before he wanted to.”

These are the stories of godly men who have not gotten help in winning this battle. We cannot stand by and see more lives destroyed when we have the opportunity to make a difference. So join with many others in registering for the November 10th webinar and reach out to your contacts urging them to do the same.