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Some Things to Know

Sunday Mass Coverage   The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have graciously offered to help with coverage for Sunday Masses. The unfortunate reality that summer coverage may not be available from priests of other countries may mean adjusting our own vacation schedules. Also, the gradual re-opening of parishes over the summer months calls for our presence in the parish to make sure that we do this correctly, and are there to welcome our people back to regular participation at Sunday Mass. Should you need help, again contact Ed Whalen (917-742-6515) so he may coordinate with the CFRs.

Distribution of Holy Oils   As previously announced, the cardinal will bless holy oils prior to the ordination Mass on June 26. In an effort to observe physical distancing, holy oils will not be distributed at the cathedral or the seminary this year. Instead, parishes will receive three six-ounce bottles of holy oils locally from their deans.  They will be prearranged in a separate bag for each parish, and the distribution process should be quick.  Deans will communicate with the parishes in their area how they will give out the holy oils.  Additional quantities will be made available later in the year.  Contact Father Matthew Ernest at [email protected].

Use Email for Quick Service   When communicating with the chancery office during this time of work from home, try using email instead of postal mail.  Letters delivered to the offices as the Catholic Center can sometimes sit in the mailroom for days before they are delivered.  Until we open the building, please send mail for the vicar general to 452 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022 or scan and email to [email protected].  The phone number is 212-688-7954.

Liturgical Texts for Saints John XXIII and John Paul II, Popes   The USCCB has confirmed English translations of the proper texts in honor of these two modern saints for use in the dioceses of the United States:

  • Optional memorial of St. John XXIII, pope is celebrated on October 11;
  • Optional memorial of St. John Paul II, pope is celebrated on October 22.

Looking Ahead: December 12   In 2020, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe will fall on a Saturday and will thus be celebrated liturgically only until the beginning of the Third Sunday of Advent that evening; that is, anticipated Masses and Evening Prayer I should be of the Sunday.

Lay Trustee Nomination Form   Every year in June, we seek your help with the annual election of two lay trustees to serve your church.  We are hoping to receive them from you by Friday, July 31.  It is six weeks away.  In case you misplaced it, another copy is included.  Help me as I try to be in compliance with the New York State Religious Corporation Law.  Once we receive your nomination, the original will be returned to you with the authorized signatures of His Eminence and myself.  You may file it in the parish corporate minutes’ book.  A copy will be retained in the chancery files.

Where’s My Mail?   Some priests have written that they are not receiving the regular coronavirus bollettini.  Email from the Announcements Mailbox can go directly to a priest’s personal address.  It is kept on a private server which strictly monitors who has access to it.  All email to priests is approved by the vicar general so that they are not deluged with unauthorized or unnecessary messages from various departments at the Catholic Center.  If a priest chooses this option, he must be sure to keep the email address up-to-date.  New information may be sent to the data system center ([email protected]).

Columbus Day Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Monday, October 12 at 9:30 AM and reflects the millions of men, women and children who came to America in pursuit of freedom and opportunity, and the faith that helped them endure hardship and adversity.  Tickets are required to enter the cathedral until 9:15, at which point it becomes general admission.

Parish Profiles   These eight parishes are now open for application.  In general, placement will be made on Tuesday, September 1, 2020:

  • Holy Name of Jesus, Valhalla
  • Holy Name of Jesus/St. Gregory the Great, Manhattan
  • Holy Rosary, Hawthorne
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Bernard, Manhattan
  • St. Clare, Staten Island
  • St. Columba, Chester
  • St. Gregory the Great, Harrison
  • St. Vito/Most Holy Trinity, Mamaroneck

Priests are invited to make application by Friday, June 26, 2020. Follow the directions that were sent in the June 10 notification.  Questions may be referred to Bishop Edmund Whalen in the office for priest personnel (646-794-2930) or by mobile phone (917-742-6515).