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Updates from Schools, Charities & More

Catholic Charities: Charity in Action

When Denisha Smith left her Brooklyn home at 14, she had nowhere to go. “Don’t even ask me where I was going,” Ms. Smith, 26, said in a recent interview. “I had no plans.” A good night was spent with a friend’s family. A bad night was spent in a subway car. After a couple of years of bouncing from place to place, Ms. Smith met a social worker who helped her get into foster care. While the system gave Ms. Smith a place to live, it also brought its own challenges.

Institutional Commodities Services (ICS): 2021 Paschal Candles

It’s hard to think about Easter at the beginning of Advent, but I want to share an outstanding time-sensitive offer with you. We have an Early Bird special on the popular Root Candle line of Pascal Candles. We conducted a pilot program last Easter that was well received and we want to extend the exceptional pricing and selection to you for Easter 2021.

Schools: News from the Department of Education

Archdiocese of NY demands city pay for COVID-19 testing in hot-spot Catholic schools

The Archdiocese of New York is demanding the city pay for and administer COVID-19 testing for students in Catholic schools in the coronavirus yellow zones in order to meet the mandatory 20 percent testing threshold, which will allow schools to remain open for in-person learning. Lawyers for the archdiocese continue to assert that Catholic school children are entitled to this testing, under law, saying “Section 912 of the Education Law clearly requires that school boards must provide children attending nonpublic schools within their districts with ‘all of the health and welfare services’ they provide to their public school students, including ‘the administration of health screening tests.”

Superintendent Michael J. Deegan talks COVID testing for our students on The Cats Round Table, listen here!

A message to Catholic school parents . . . City needs to step up with S.I. Covid testing. It’s the law. (Commentary)

Superintendent Michael J. Deegan’s letter to Staten Island parents regarding commitment to in-person learning for Catholic school students was picked up by the Staten Island Advance.

NYC parents pulling kids out of public schools, data shows

“The primary reason we made the switch was because I want my children learning,” said Dana Faljean, a parent who transferred her two kids from public to Catholic elementary school. “They need a teacher to do that. A teacher who is in front of them, there to ask questions, not appearing over a computer screen. Once the first school start delay happened, we went on the waiting lists.”

Archdiocese of New York Commits to Safely Keeping Schools Open, Irrespective of NYC Public School Closures

Since early September, the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York have been open for in-person learning. This ambitious course of action was made possible by the development of clear health and safety protocols under the Catholic Schools Reopening Plan and by strict adherence from school administrators, staff, and the students themselves. New York City’s Catholic schools remain one of the safest places for students.

Catholic Schools Across City Vow to Open, Even if Public Schools Don’t

Spectrum NY 1 reported on the Catholic schools’ declaration to keep schools open regardless of what the public schools do. Thanks to the tireless work of pastors, faculty, staff and the Catholic Schools Reopening Advisory Committee,  school communities have remained safe places for students to learn, pray and grow together.

Superintendent of Schools Michael J. Deegan spoke with Cardinal Timothy Dolan regarding our Catholic schools.

St. Raymond’s High School for Boys safely continues community service program amid pandemic

Damian Carparelli, Asst. Principal for Mission at St. Raymond High School for Boys, approaches his job with one goal in mind: building the character of the students he teaches. He accomplishes this by making the young men of St Raymond’s get out into the community, frequently, to make the world a better place. The pandemic has side-lined many activities, but Carparelli saw to it that it didn’t side-line service. Watch the segment on News 12 The Bronx here.


The public schools in New York City may be closing, but the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York remain committed to keeping their buildings open, while monitoring the health and safety of students and staff. ABC 7 NY was on the scene at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Manhattan to speak to parents and students about why they feel safe and happy to attend their Catholic school.

Superintendent of Schools Michael J. Deegan appears on Conversations with Cardinal Dolan

Mr. Deegan joined His Eminence Cardinal Dolan on ‘Conversation with Cardinal Dolan’ to discuss the decision to keep the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York open, citing a .0016% positivity rate within the schools. The archbishop and superintendent also discussed testing, and the city and state’s responsibility to step up to ensure the health and safety of Catholic school children, under law.

NYC Catholic Schools in Session While Pandemic Closes Public Schools

The National Catholic Register covered the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York’s decision to keep schools open, despite the closure of New York City’s public schools.


Superintendent of Schools Michael J. Deegan was interviewed on Fox and Friends.

Superintendent Deegan on EWTN News Nightly

Superintendent Deegan on Relevant Radio

Pix 11 NYC Catholic schools remain open during pandemic; city to provide testing for kids, staff

Catholic New York: Ruling Favors Catholic Schools in Covid Testing Dispute

NY Post Op-Ed by Michael Deegan: Is NYC’s Department of Education trying to sabotage Catholic schools?