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Some Things to Know

Work from Home   Today, we begin our sixth week of quarantine, praying that all remain safe from the COVID-19 virus, that God will deliver those who are infected, and that he will grant eternal rest to our brother priests who have died.

Annual Meeting and Minutes of the Board of Trustees   To ensure that your parish is in compliance with the New York State Religious Corporation Law, make certain that the names of your two lay trustees are on file with the chancery office and that the minutes of the annual meeting of the board of trustees are kept on file at your parish office.  For a quorum, it is permissible for the archbishop and vicar general to be excused.

Parish Counseling Network   Parishioners have access to short term professional counseling at convenient locations throughout the archdiocese through a Parish Counseling Network developed by Catholic Charities.  The network offers more than 100 licensed counseling professionals to help parishioners through issues and crises that can be successfully addressed by brief counseling support such as marital problems, raising children, eldercare, job loss or bereavement.  Working from private offices, counselors are experienced with an array of difficulties and a diverse clientele.  Many of the practitioners are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.  Referrals to network counseling services can be made by pastors by calling Laura, Debbie or Pat at 866.962.7487.  Parishioners are eligible for a maximum of six counseling sessions.  The fee for each session is a $10 co-pay.  The network will help pastors secure the most effective and appropriate care for their parishioners.  Contact Laura Brovich LMSW, Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange and Sullivan; 845.294.5124; [email protected]. 

Papal Blessings   The Office of Papal Charities at the Vatican has updated its policy and system for obtaining parchments in recognition of sacraments, special birthdays or anniversaries effective Marcy 10, 2019. They can now only be obtained either in Rome or  online at  Apostolic blessings now come in a selection of designs, languages and you can pay online via Visa or Mastercard.  Parishes or individuals can set up an account with the Elemosineria Apostolica (Office of Papal Charities).  Parchments are shipped via DHL Courier.

Required Announcement on the Protection of Children   The Archdiocese of New York is committed to doing all that is can to protect children and young people from sexual abuse.  As part of that effort, we periodically write to the Catholic community to advise them whom they may contact and what steps they can take if they have suffered abuse by someone representing the Catholic church.

Please include this announcement in both English and Spanish in your Sunday bulletin.  Its wording was approved by the presbyteral council.  If your parish uses another language, i.e., Chinese, French, German, Italian or others, I am asking that you have it correctly translated and send a copy of your bulletin with these translations to my office. Additionally, publish this announcement every May, September and January.

“To report an alleged incident of sexual abuse of a minor by a priest, deacon, religious or lay person serving in the Archdiocese of New York may contact the victims assistance coordinator at 646-794-2949 or [email protected].  Information can also be found on the archdiocesan website  In keeping with archdiocesan policy regarding sexual abuse of minors, this is provided to ensure that our children remain safe and secure.”

“Cualquier persona que necesite reportar algún incidente de abuso sexual de un menor por un sacerdote, diacono, religioso/a, o laico sirviendo en la Arquidiócesis de Nueva York, se le pide que por favor contacte al coordinador de asistencia a las víctimas al 646-794-2949.  Ella también pueden ser contactada vía correo electrónica: [email protected].  Para más información pueden visitar la página en la red de la arquidiócesis:  De acuerdo con las normas de la arquidiócesis sobre el respeto al abuso sexual de menores, esta información se provee para asegurar que nuestros niños permanezcan seguros.”

Ordination to the Priesthood   Hopefully, the class of 2020 will be ordained to the sacred order of priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Saturday, May 23 at 9:00 AM.  Depending upon the timetable of the virus, this date is likely to change.  On behalf of His Eminence and Father William Cleary, interim rector, you are warmly invited to concelebrate at this liturgy and receive first priestly blessings from the newly-ordained.  They are 

For the Archdiocese of New York

Reverend Mr. Luis Silva

For the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Reverend Brother Oisin Matrin, CFR

Reverend Brother Malachy Napier, CFR

For the Institute Id of Christ the Redeemer (Idente Missionaries)

Reverend Mr. Roland Pereira, M.Id