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Some Things to Know

Updates from the Vicar General and Chancellor

Priesthood Sunday USA   October 27 is the national observance of Priesthood Sunday USA which was inaugurated in 2002.  This is the time each year to express appreciation and gratitude to all the priests who have served God’s people.  It is a way to allow Catholics to recognize good priests who, day in and day out, do an outstanding job in serving them in parishes across America.  The focus is on the place of the priesthood as a central reality in the life of the Church.  The shortage of vocations makes priests less visible and, consequently, less prominent.  Ask your people to remember their priests and to thank them for what they do to bring the Lord to the faithful through the sacraments.  Also, visit the web site,

Ordination of New Auxiliary Bishops   Our Holy Father, Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Gerardo J. Colacicco and Monsignor Edmund J. Whalen to be auxiliary bishops to His Eminence.  We offer to them our congratulations and prayerful, fraternal solidarity.  They will receive Episcopal consecration on Tuesday, December 10 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 2:00 PM.  Congratulations, and ad multosannos.

Fraudulent Activity in Parishes   We want to bring to your attention to recent incidents that took place at four of our parishes last month.  Individuals fraudulently contacted the parish secretaries and reported that their pastors were involved in automobile accidents.  They were then directed to wire money via Western Union to Mexico.  In one instance, a perpetrator actually came to the rectory seeking money.  Advise your secretaries of this scam to avoid loss to your parish.  If you utilize young people to answer the office telephone during the evening hours, advise them as well. You may call Rod Cassidy, Esq., associate general counsel at 646-794-2407 or email [email protected]Your vigilance will pay good dividends.

The Kenedy Official Catholic Directory (OCD)   Each pastor should have received correspondence from the OCD either by email or letter requesting updates for the 2020 edition of The Official Catholic Directory.  If you have not received this, contact Mary Meade at the office of canonical services at [email protected] or (646) 794-2935.  Visit to review and update your organization’s information. This needs to be completed by November 4.

Status Animarum  This is the annual report on sacramental participation.  The information that you provide is helpful for parish planning and for responding to the reports that are required by the Holy See and the USCCB.  Report your Mass attendance numbers for Sunday, October 20, the Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Church Year, including the anticipated Masses on Saturday evening.   For the sacramental and other data, report for the time period requested.  We would like to receive your report by Monday, November 18.
Reconciliation Monday Dates   Advent Reconciliation Monday will be held on December 16, 2019 from 4:00 to 8:00 PM in all the parishes of the archdiocese and the Diocese of Brooklyn.  Lenten Reconciliation Monday will be observed on April 6, 2020 from 3:00 to 9:00 PM in the archdiocese and the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre.  Promotional material will be available as we get closer to the date.

Announcements Mailbox   If your email address has recently changed, notify the data center at 646-794-3380 or email [email protected].  This will ensure that you receive important information from the chancery without interruption.
From the Development Office   Renew + Rebuild rebates are disbursed on a quarterly basis and are calculated on cash received, not pledges.  Previously, these funds were sent in January, April, July, and October.  However, since the archdiocesan fiscal year operates from September to August, we are adjusting the disbursement schedule to reflect the fiscal year calendar. “September” rebates have been disbursed for money raised in the months of July and August; “December” rebates for money raised in September, October and November; “March” rebates for December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020; “June” rebates for March, April and May; and “September” rebates for the months of June, July and August 2020.
All Souls’ Day Masses at our Cemeteries   Include the following announcement in your Sunday bulletin for October 27:   “Adhering to the long tradition of honoring our beloved dead on All Souls’ Day, Mass will be celebrated November 2, 2019 at 11:00 AM in these cemeteries of the Archdiocese of New York:  Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne, Westchester County; Ascension, Airmont, Rockland County; (First) Calvary, Long Island City, Queens; Resurrection, Staten Island.  Take this opportunity to visit the beautiful, peaceful cemeteries to remember those who have gone before us.”

To reach the chancery after hours and on weekends,
call Community Answering Service at 877-582-2996.
Add this number to the list of contacts in your mobile telephone (Chancery Emergency).