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Some Things to Know

Updates from the Vicar General and Chancellor

Immaculate Conception 2019: Remember that December 8, 2019, is to be celebrated as the Second Sunday of Advent. Accordingly, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the patronal feast day of the United States of America, is transferred to the following day, Monday, December 9. Parishes will want to announce that the obligation to attend Mass on this day does not transfer. It will not be observed as a holy day of obligation. Pastors should still make this day special by scheduling Mass at a convenient hour so that people who wish and are able may participate in the celebration of the Eucharist. The optional memorial of St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on December 9 is omitted in 2019.
Increased Offertory Campaign: We express appreciation to our friends in the Development Office who have been assisting parishes with this wonderfully successful program. At the conclusion of the campaign, pastors have been reporting an average increase of 18% in their weekly collection. Many have been using this additional revenue to satisfy their cathedraticum and regional school assessment. We applaud all who took advantage of this opportunity to strengthen finances in their parishes and encourage others to do so. The program is free of charge, with all costs, except postage, covered by the archdiocese.

What’s the Deal About the RFA? We want all of our parishes and pastors to be protected when they are completing capital improvement projects. The Request for Authorization (RFA) process was developed to ensure that there is a fair and transparent bidding process (three are required), and that each bidder has the appropriate level of insurance coverage to work on a parish building ($5 million). These are for projects in excess of $30,000, or where the Parish School Restricted Renovation Account (PRSRA) is the source of funding. The engagement of a project management company such as Aramark and Zubatkin Owner Representation ensures that projects receive sufficient oversight from conceptualization through completion and that the warranty can be enforced, if needed, even after the pastor has been reassigned. Section 322 of the Financial Policies and Procedures Manual outlines the RFA process in greater detail. Remember, too that the consent of the vicar general is required before a parish incurs an expense in making repairs, purchasing or leasing equipment greater than $30,000. Your associate director of parish finance will be helpful should you have any questions.  [Director of Parish Finance; contact Mr. Marcus Ryan at 646-794-2814, [email protected]]
Electronic Mail from the Chancery: If a priest would like to receive official email from the Archdiocesan Mailbox directly to his personal address without having to log in to the clergy webmail system, he should send his new information to Mr. Samuel Lazare at the data system center ([email protected]). It is our intention to send mail no more than two times a week, on Tuesday and Friday.  [Data System Center; contact Mr. Sam Lazare at 646-794-3371]
Half Day Fridays at the Catholic Center: When calling for someone to assist you, we want you to be aware of the custom of closing early at 1:00 PM on the ten Fridays of the summer, from June 28 through August 30. The building will also be closed on Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day and Thursday, August 15 for the feast of the Assumption, a holy day of obligation. There is always the opportunity to leave a voice mail message which will be returned on the next business day. All are reminded of the after-hours phone number in case of emergencies. It is listed in the box below.
Columbus Day Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Monday, October 14 at 9:30 AM and reflects the millions of men, women and children who came to America in pursuit of freedom and opportunity and the faith that helped them endure hardship and adversity. Tickets are required to enter the cathedral until 9:15, at which point it becomes general admission.

To reach the Chancery after hours and on weekends,
call Community Answering Service at 877-582-2996.
Add this number to the list of contacts in your mobile telephone (Chancery Emergency).